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    Odometer removal

    I used the end off an old cable. I had pinched against the frame and ruined it. I just cut it off close to the metal tip and sealed the end with RTV sealant. I thought that was just a temporary fix while I waited for the new cable but it has been a year or so on there. If I want, it can just be screwed off and install the odometer and new cable if I want to.
  2. kawhon

    Converting To Kickstart

    I just weighed the starter on a mail scale... 1 lb 13.7oz.... That is just under 2 lbs. not much by itself but when combined with other items it adds up. I didn't know the taillight only ran off the battery. I have mine unplugged because my good buddies were making comments about it in the dark woods. And I will agree when following someone with an LED taillight you can become transfixed when in deep woods. You just see this small red light bobbing up and down and around in your periferal vision. Just a slight annoyance. Anyway I used to have an old xr250L and replaced the battery with a capacitor so the blinkers and horn would work. I got the idea from the net. I think it acts like a small temperary storage for power from the charging system. I just did a search and found one reference. http://www.rickramsey.net/XR250L.htm he recommends the following capacitor from radio shack. Capacitor, 4700 uf, 35v RadSh 272-1022 I don't see why this wouldn't work for your situation. I remember finding a 50v capacitor out of a TV or something and it worked great. I guess Rick has been around a while. I have looked at his crf250x stuff and it is good info.
  3. kawhon

    Converting To Kickstart

    Skylinegtr, I have been shedding parts off my '04 250x for some time now and my buddies love to give me crap about it. "Why don't you get a KTM?" or "Why didn't you just get the 250R?" It makes for good fun but.... First the R doesn't have: Wide ratio tranny 18" rear wheel larger tank with reserve mellower cam heavier flywheel less rigid frame softer suspension radiator overflow spark arrester green sticker (CA) If you wanted to add half of that stuff to the 250R it would not be cheap. I look at the 250x as a bike with everything and you remove what you don't want or need. As for the KTM, I have the Honda and have to wear it out first. And this little bike is loads of fun in the woods. At first I removed the easy stuff, headlight, battery, kickstand, odometer. All at no cost and only time invested. Hey this is my only hobbie. I don't ever ride after dark and I know how far we are going. If I am going to an unfamiliar area it just takes a few minutes to put in the headlight and odometer. Also, I ride in the woods and there is always a tree to lean my bike against. I think I could tell the difference in the weight even if it is phsycological. Now the idea of losing body weight is a great one which am always striving to do, but lets say you lose 10 pounds off the waist and 10 pounds off the bike. Now we are talking 20 pounds and who couldn't tell the difference with 20 lbs? I am in the process of doing a piston replacement and valve work and decided to make the jump to take off the starter. I am never going to put the battery back in so why not. With the cylinder off it comes off quite easily. I machined a plug with a oring groove out of aluminum and plugged the hole left by the starter. I don't have an accurate scale but on the bathroom scale everything I have taken off it is 10-11 pounds. I have to make some bracket or spacer for the clutch mounting bracket. It was mounted by the starter bolts. I am looking forward to the phsycological benefits of the extra couple of pounds that the starter will lose. Now it is off the the gym. Good luck with the bike.