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  1. brob01

    2005 yz250f seized!

    Your dead in the water on this one. New engine and everything is gonna run you about mid-1K to high-1K. Bummer man. Did the same thing on my bike and it sucks.
  2. brob01

    Best way to change new grips??

    Don't use glue on the throttle grip because youll spend forever trying to shave it off so your new grip will fit over it. You can always just skip the glue and use baby powder to slide it on easy, just don't over due it or it will take a couple rides to get it so it doesn't rotate.
  3. brob01

    Slip-On Pipe for 04 YZ250F

    Have the same bike and I threw a FMF PowerCore slip-on on it. Works great and sounds great. Also comes with a removable spark arrestor. Priced under 300 dollars so you can't go wrong with this set-up. Great all around package.
  4. Depends where your riding. Woods and technical stuff is more suitable for the two-stroke. Wide open trails definately keep the thumper.
  5. brob01

    YZ 250f loss of throttle?

    Had the same problem when I blew my engine. Not saying it's anything big like that but just make sure you have enough coolant in there and make sure your water pump is working right.
  6. YZ250F for sure. Beats the WR any year. Lighter, faster, better looking. Only thing the WR has on the YZ is the lights and the E-Start and real riders don't use E-Starts.
  7. Hey guys, im gonna be changing the oil on my '04 YZ250F and I was wondering if I should go ahead and get a metal oil filter or just keep replacing the paper filters? The only thing that I'm worried about is little fragments coming off the metal filter and messing up my engine. Has anybody had trouble with the metal filters? Just let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hey guys, just a quick question. I need to get a skid plate for my '04 YZ250F and I was wondering which skid plate is better. Maybe if people have either one, they can let me know. And another question, I need to get radiator guards for the same bike and I was wondering if somebody has a good link to find these at. I found some by Devol and I was wondering what you think about those. Thanks a lot for you help. Skid Plate links: 1. Moose: http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=&store=Main&catId=1&productId=p513150&leafCatId=&mmyId=2200081 2. Devol: http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=&store=Main&catId=1&productId=p491385&leafCatId=&mmyId=2200081 Radiator Guards link: 1. Devol: http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/Product.jsp?skuId=491342&store=Main&catId=107&productId=p491316&leafCatId=10702&mmyId=2200081
  9. The 150 or the 230 is a good choice because it has a family oriented powerband. It has good power, but not too much power. You might also look in to the Honda 200. It seems like the perfect choice for somebody at his level. Then when he gets better or outgrows the bike, he can step it up to the 250 or something bigger. Hope that this helps your decision.
  10. Hey guys. I am 15 years old and I am getting close to moving to the next bike size. I really want a Honda 250X, but I've heard that they can be trouble some times. I'm trying to decide wether or not to get the WR250 or the 250X. If anybody has any information that you could give me, please post. Thanks. Brob01