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  1. Dirtnap450

    HELP Cooling fliud in the cylinder !!!

    Sadly, that is how i expect the Stealer to respond. Basically, when you brought them the dissassembeld head, you showed them that you were NOT going to be paying them for the LABOR (which is the only way they can make a dime on this trasaction) So they went about the entire process without a care becasue if there is no profit motive then there is no motivation at all.
  2. Dirtnap450

    How many hours on your bike?

    I hate to mention but my 2004 EXC 450 just clicked to 50 hours its just sad that i havent had time to ride her.
  3. Dirtnap450

    Baby Burr

    I ended up taking 23 down through Chilocothe and then 50 right into McArthur. All in all, drive time was an hour and 55 min from Marion to the Fairgrounds. As for the Dual Sport, I had a freekin blast! I was worried that i was going to be riding alone but during the riders meeting i ran into a good friend that i had raced several enduros with about 10 years ago. He was already riding with a good group and they let me ride with them. So the 10 of us (all A/B riders) had a freeking blast.. we took the A sections and they were great. Of course a little rain and that would have been a differentn story but thats always the case in SE Ohio. Now if i could only get ahold of the guy that was selling that '04 EXC300 inside by the t-shirt stand... Did i mention that i decided to MISS the second gas stop.... Yeah that was a bad idea... After finishing all the Saturday trail (Fred's was the last section) i ended up having to take a direct shot to the BP station and even then I ran out on 50 and had to flip my bike upside down to get enough gas to get the bike running again... then it died just as i was pulling up to the light at the intersection of 50 and 93.. WHEW!! i pushed it into the gas station and then just rode back to the fairgrounds.. I was lucky! CANT WAIT to run the national enduro next year.
  4. Dirtnap450

    Buying a used KTM,what to look for?

    Funny I raced a MXC300 for 4 years and LOVED it more than any other bike i have ever owned... I guess if you try to ride a 300 like a typical 2 stroke (i.e. keep it on the pipe) then it will punish you and treat you like a noob. I found that the big power of the 300 liked to be ridden a gear high and lugged along. I would only get on the pipe on climbs and when i absolutely had to achieve warp speed. Any way. 2 strokes have one definite advantage, MAINTENANCE. the 300 i had went to every VCHSS hare scrambles and 4-5 national enduros for 4 years then i tore it apart only to find that the rings and piston were still well within spec but i replaced them anyway cause i had the motor apart. Dont get me wrong, i love my 4fiddy but i will have another 3-stroke in the near future. The power is irrellavent if you ride in the woods.
  5. I have both the KLX400 and a KTM450. I can spank my buddys on both of them but the KTM is more powerful and has better suspension. the down side is that the additional power of the KTM gives me arm pump more often when in the tight woods. Really, power isnt what makes you fast, being smooth and CORNER SPEED is the real ticket. I would say that you should spend some coin on the suspension of the DR so it wont ride so low in the stoke (since your 225lb) and see that that gives you some confidence? The only difference between you on the DRZ and you on the KTM will be the cost of the repairs.
  6. Dirtnap450

    Shenandoah 500 Completed!

    I was there on Saturday and i had a blast. I wish i could have stayed for Sunday but i decided to cheat (read: get lost as h3ll) and i ended up doing all of sundays run across Reddish knob and the fantastic ride after that took you down to the lake... I barely made it back to camp before dark and i had 188 miles on the ODO... it was awsome@!
  7. Dirtnap450

    Baby Burr

    HEY I plan on going Saturday. Im coming up from Fredericksburg VA. I managed to talk my wife into thnking it was her idea... she said I cold pull my KLX up with me so i would have something to do while she and her mother go shopping... well wouldnt you know it.... the baby burr is that weekend and about 100 miles away... so i will be rolling out from columbus at probaby 5:30 so i can make the riders meeting.. hopefully!!! here is the link if anyone is on the fence or needing information. http://idisk.mac.com/shaneneff-Public/BabyBurr2008flyer-1.pdf look for a lone rider in a chrysler mini van pulling a KLX400 with virginia plates..
  8. Dirtnap450

    RS2, 3x3, JD jet kit, on order, jetting question

    I am having a really hard time finding the #25 pilot jet for the mikuni carb on my KLX400SR.. I ordered one but it was a VM model and it was smaller even though it said 45 on it? I just need this last jet but even my suzuki dealer was helpless to find that #25 pilot jet.
  9. 04 KTM 450EXC 03 Kawi KLX400
  10. Dirtnap450

    looking for older KTM front wheel

    I know i saw one or 2 on E-bay. I just bought one for my '01 and paid 270.00. Im sure that the current price for the older wheels is less.
  11. Dirtnap450

    Bike problem question.

    have you cleaned your air filter lately?
  12. Dirtnap450

    Air In Forks ???

    I have had to bleed out air from every pair of forks i have ever owned. Its worse when the forks are new and the seals havent softened up and again when the forks get older and the internal shims allow more lateral playin the sliders. Either way, its normal so dont panic, just make it part of your maintenance, clean the air filter, change the oil and bleed the forks..... for 26 bucks you can buy "push button" bleeders on E-Bay and bleed them while riding. I notice the air build up when trail riding mostly, the supple feel going over small roots and rocks goes away and the forks start to stay high in the stroke. Good luck!
  13. Dirtnap450

    easy on mr stewart

    C'mon, that was obviously caused by a rutted start straight. duhhhhh. I wouldnt hold Bubba or RC accountable for a act like that, its just racin
  14. Dirtnap450

    Do you stop, or do you... GO

    I made that mistake once, I rode less than 100 yards from my house around a barricade (that was the end of the road) and into a construction area. i only rode for a minute or two and i left but when i was going around the barriacade a guy who lived close to there comes running out of the bushes, knocks me down and starts threatening me?!?! I got up and told the guy that if he didnt want me riding there all he had to do was say so and i would stop. I had ridden in that area for about 5 years before he moved in but apparently i wouldnt be riding there any more. I know its not right but looking back i should have taken off my helmet and beaten his fat arse with it. When he pushed me over it tweaked my wrist and elbow since i was just getting back on the pavement. arrrrggggghh thinking about that pisses me off!
  15. Dirtnap450

    450 Exc

    I never liked thumpers until i rode one that he (Denny at Holeshot KTM) set up. It was the his personal 440EXC/LC4 (?) i think, and at the time of kickstart only thumpers, he could start it with his HANDS. Yup, he would cycle it through once and then jerk back on the kickstarter once and that darn thing would start every time.... he even did this on the trail once just to shut me up about how hard it is to start 4-strokes.... at that moment he was my hero!