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  1. Little Joe SM

    Merry Christmas, TT!! (racy motobabe dads...)

    Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Machine. Thanks for the pics. Nothing is better than natural beauty and a cool attitude. By the looks of it, and her posts here, she has it in spades.
  2. Little Joe SM

    what type of riding requires the most skill?

    Unfortunately that situation is 99% of American RR tracks. Miller Motorsports Park probably has the best runoff of any track in America because it was build to FIM standards. Every other track has issues.
  3. Little Joe SM

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    This is what I get. Also, how many miles do you have on the bike? My mileage seemed to get better after the initial break-in.
  4. Little Joe SM

    non TT approved poll, how often?

    I do usually check the oil about once every two-three weeks, and have yet to have any issues with loss. I also run Mobile 1 full synthetic 15-50. I doubt the results would change my habbits, but out of plain curiosity, I may take you up that offer.
  5. Little Joe SM

    Street Justice

    Honestly, good for the thief. What goes around comes around. Hopefully the girl driving the Kia will not get screwed for repairs to her car because of this scumbag.
  6. Little Joe SM

    non TT approved poll, how often?

    #5, and usually change the oil around 2,500-3,000. 98% street riding, SM.
  7. Little Joe SM

    Never Ride With Shorts..........

    The only people who complain about gear are the people who seldom wear it and not used to it. For me, putting it on is part of the ride.
  8. Little Joe SM

    rear tire size on sm

    I've been wondering what kind of miles people have been getting out of the Distanzias for mostly commuting purposes. 8K...these will be my next set of tires.
  9. By all means, go to court and try to get it reduced to a lesser charge, I've done that with all my traffic infractions, just be prepared to take your lumps. I usually ask for mercy from the court, because lets face it, you got caught breaking the law, just don't try to be found not-guilty. You don't need a lawyer, just be informed about the law and explain the environment at the time of the offence, and make sure you used it as a learning experience. However, its a lot easier to justify a little of speeding in front of a judge as opposed to wheelie.
  10. Jeez, be a man about it! You did a wheelie. You got caught. Take the punishment instead of trying to weasle your way out of it. If you weren't doing anything wrong that would be one thing, but take some responsibility for your own actions. I bet this isn't the first wheelie you've done, so think about all the other times you've gotten away with it.
  11. Little Joe SM

    MYTHBUSTERS motorcycle edition

    1. Why would anybody ride that close to a semi to save a few cents on gas?Last I checked, my life was worth more than $2.XX a gallon. You have to be pretty retarded to try something like that. 2. Four strokes are being used because "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday." Thanks to the EPA and other environmental organizations 2-strokes have been on the way out for quite some time. There is no sense in continuing to develop and race something that the company's will never see a return on. Do any of you remember when 2-strokes were first introduced into dirt bikes? Believe it or not, they used to be 4 strokes before the 80s. We also used to have 2-stroke road bikes. 3. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC OIL. let me repeat.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC OIL. I have been running Mobile 1 full synthetic in my sport bike since 1999. It has 31K miles on it, both street and race track where it spends the majority of its time above 8k rpm. The bike is fine. What I'd like to see. 1. the helmet test. 2. synthetic oil v. dyno oil.
  12. Little Joe SM

    Drz=least maintenance what is next?

    Concidering that he mentioned a DRZ SM, I would assume that he means streetbikes, not racebikes with lights and mirrors. Since I'm new to this, I'm not sure which one would rank behind the DR for ease of maintenance, but I'm sure someone does?
  13. Little Joe SM

    2005 SM Rear tail bracket snapped!

    Mine cracked off at around the 7000 mile mark. Luckily I noticed it well before then and ran some zip ties through the bolts and into the rear light housing. I've since replaced it with the Edge tail light. I looks much better and the LEDs are brighter. You guys are right, there is too much weight for the plastic to hold.
  14. Little Joe SM

    PICS of my SM

    I'm kind-of in the same boat as you with budget and tires, so I have to ask, what tires are those? There are many times when I want to go run some trails and fire roads on the weekends, but need the street tires for Monday and the weekly commute. I can swap tires in 1/2 hour.
  15. Little Joe SM


    Great info. Thanks a ton.