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    Insurance for dirt bikes

    All of our bikes and 4 wheelers are insured through state farm. Cost averages about 150.00 per year. Recently had a bad crash doing roughly 2800.00 dollar worth of damage to my 2005 crf 250r. 500.00 deductible and the rest was covered-well worth it. May not be covered if you are participating in a race though. State Farm also offers a 1500.00 injury coverage as an addition which has helped pay several deductibles on health insurance at the emergency room. I don't remember the exact cost of this coverage but it wasn't real high.
  2. me and a buddy were doing it on purpose after we saw pictures of someone else doing it. hardest part is overcoming the mental block of taking your hand off the bars when you have it laid over.
  3. couple of pictures from practice two weeks ago.