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  1. tucsontasky

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    42 years of age 32 years of riding. I now ride '05 TE450 and love it. for the 2stroke fun I have the '96 RMX250. The wr250 will be in the coral when the cash is in pocket.!
  2. I tell ya it feels great to have fellow riders speak positively about the ride or the trail and all the schtufff that goes along with such things. But when you hear something great about your own personal pride and joy....Your bike. Well then, smile form ear to ear and tell them to say it again.....ha. My buddy (he rides some kinda bike,,ummmm, its orange) helped me out with some maintanence work on my '05 TE450. He got it all ship shape. And took it out for some test spins around the neighborhood. His comment was this..."man, this thing hauls ass !". The smile appeared on my face. In fact it is here again now as I type. So we go up through the Charouleau Gap Trail just north of Tucson. Its our regular ride. When approaching the parking area during the return trip one tends to race a bit. My buddy can ride much better than I indeed. He can pass when he wishes. I will not admit to typing these statements however. And when we are stopped and loading up the bikes he comes over and says.." that thing has power on demand, don't it?!". Smile I did. "yes" I said. Well that's all. I bet you all have heard great comments about your husqys too. Oh and another thing that super way cool....My big bro sent me the link...to Trail Rider Mag. the photo is of Charlie Williams and SteveO has his back to the camera. And the Husqy in the front of the heard is mine. !! thanks for reading while I geek out on how much I love my bike. Have fun out there. Alan:ride:
  3. tucsontasky

    How did everyone do!

    Great report Tasky JR ! Hang in there and recover well. Amazing things happen out there on the trails. Some good some not so good. As long as you get healthy it makes for great bench racing. Us Tucson Taskys think about you often. Speedy recovery buddy. Enjoy the photo of three Taskys long ago...
  4. tucsontasky

    Christini AWD

    darn it...I hate when that happens...I need to look before I speak... Sorry about the redundant posting. Its still great news !
  5. tucsontasky

    Awd !!

    http://taskysmetriccycle.com/index.html Check out the website ! The future is now, I wanna be here. Who's gonna be the first on the block with a Christini AWD bike !?! I can't wait for Sunday. Oh yea...its gonna be 80*F here again today. perfect blue sky..
  6. tucsontasky

    Christini AWD

    Check out this website. Jeff has a 250X Christini in the shop. I'll be checking it out this weekend. Feb 11th He does a demo day to show off bikes and have great fun. The demo day this Sunday will be cool. details on the website. The Christini kit is available. You purchase it and they install it on your bike ( Honda for now) Ktm next I think. How cool.. http://taskysmetriccycle.com/index.html
  7. tucsontasky

    Christini AWD bikes available

    Check out this website. Jeff has the Christini all wheel drive 250X in shop. You purchase the kit and they instal it on your bike. How cool !! http://taskysmetriccycle.com/index.html I look forward to seeing it during the demo days Sunday Feb 11th.
  8. tucsontasky

    Weather for the Tasky demo day...

    Good day to you all NW'rs. I'll be coming up for the Tasky's Demo Days. Here in Tucson this week the forecast calls for high of 80, low of 45, and 0% chance of rain all week. Last Saturday afternoon I had to dust off my bike after our ride. Actually the warm weather just started today. This past Saturday morning at our 7:30 start time the temp. was just above freezing. At the river crossing the rocks were iced over. We got some snow riding in too. On the north sides of the mountains. Way cool. I look forward to the great times at Demo Days.
  9. tucsontasky

    Drunken McGrath "fight" (if you can call it that)

    Our group was sitting up a few rows up from McGrath and friends. We only new this upon the announcer pointing out to no avail Jeremy's seat. (He was not in his seat at the time. Spot light fell on empty chair.) I did notice McGrath signing lots of autographs upon returning to his seat. Many kids and some adults. I'm guessing a lot of dads sent their sons down for the signature. Pen in hand for a while. He signed lots of stuff, shirts, hats, papers, etc.. After some time I did see Jeremy excusing himself from further signing. Some kids didn't get the autograph, A lot did. My buddy Tom even joked with McGrath ,when the race was over and everyone was leaving, walking up the steps about needing help 'bull doggin'' him out of the crowd following him. I was filming this interaction and Jeremy was all smiles, even posed w/companion for my camera. http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/tucsontasky/EnduroX%20-%202006/?action=view&current=06-11-18032.flv Later, all of us bench racing about the enduro cross we just watched while visiting the "office". er. wee wee room. Jeremy's name came up in the conversation and some guy in there blurted out " Who?..Jeremy McGrath.. out in the hall ? ...I hate that guy!.." . and then he ran out of the can pretty quick. That guy seemed a bit unstable to me from what I could tell. I mean I was facing the wall, kinda busy. any way, ..Way to go Jeremy ! You sure did and do make it fun to watch moto! I sure liked the way he 'can can'd' it over the jumps with the hole shot at the Phoenix supercross last year.
  10. tucsontasky

    Fat hand grips or over size grips

    I use the 714 grip from the link in Sharpie's post. I like them very much. It gives me a more natural size grip hand postion. I'm sure there's a joke in that... ...I ride more relaxed with these larger grips than I used to with the skinnies. Ride on...
  11. tucsontasky

    Let's see your "striking moments" pics!

    .....and the winner of best explanation goes to........ Mighty man Steve-O and his amazing flying exc circus !!
  12. tucsontasky

    Let's see your "striking moments" pics!

    Charouleau Gap Trail August 19th '06. http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/tucsontasky/Gap%20trail%20pix/CanadadelHusky.jpg and one from the Kondyke Run in Turkey Creek. http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/tucsontasky/Klondyke%20Run%20%20-%20Turkey%20Creek/WheelieManSteve.jpg We had lots of rain this summer and the washes and rivers are running great! I'm the Husky...
  13. tucsontasky

    Stealth along the trail

    ....and here I am thinking my exhaust is getting louder and planning to repack it.
  14. tucsontasky

    Stealth along the trail

    Good day to all you Husqavarny Folk. I ride most every weekend with 3 ktm-rs here in Tucson. Me ? well I'm on my trusty '05 TE450. I hear the ktm-r's exhausts blappen' and rappen' up a storm while I seem to be riding in a quiet zone. The orange gang has told me that I'm stealth when coming up from behind. They don't know when I'm close. They cannot hear the Husqavarny over the own noise. This makes me happy as I do not want to be the bike/rider that gets the encroaching subdivision residence causing trouble and trying to close down riding areas. Blue and Yellow when mixed create a nice green color whereas orange and black make an icky poo-poo brown. You know, like all those rotting pumpkins that will out pretty soon. Ride responsibly as fast as you can !!! and a Hey! to those up at Tasky's in Everett, WA. Look for me, cause you won't hear me, on the trail...alan
  15. tucsontasky

    My first ride on the '06 TC510

    Well, Phil Stevens on his TE450 finished 6th overall. I only briefly rode a TE510 on the Friday before the race and I did not get riding very hard with it. Of course it would do great, its a Husqvarna !