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    TTR 125 Clutch Question

    I just took my wifes bike out for a test ride today and I noticed that I have to let the clutch way out, actually almost to the end, before it grabs. The bike is fairly new and has only been riden by my wife for about 100 hours. Is it possible for the clutch to be toast already? Are there any adjustments I can make that I may not know of? I have adjusted the clutch lever, but I am pretty sure that this is for the play only. I have also noticed that when I move the bike, when it is in gear, with the clutch pulled in, there is a lot of drag. It feels as if the clutch is not being pulled in at all. Any help would be great.
  2. Thanks for the invite Trevor. I will be out of town this week-end. I usually go to Hollister Hills on Wednesdays after 4:30 and on some Sundays after 4:30. The place is practically a Ghost Time during those times. I usually park at Radio Ridge, White Ford F-250. I have 2 bikes. An RM-Z250 and a KLX300. The KLX, since it is green stickered, is what I am riding now. It is completely stock. I will getting the pipe and rejet soon. The only Black trail I have done is "Okie Hill". I am in 1st gear the whole way. I know on the twins you have a little more starting room to hit it in 2nd or 3rd gear, but I am kind of scared to try those trails with this bike. My RMZ on the other hand, would kick ass up any of those hills I am sure, but I have not had a chance to try it yet, since it is red stickered and I just got it right before red sticker season ended. Stupid Me!! So just out of curiousity, how is Okie Hill in comparison to the other single diamond black trails? I felt a great since of accomplishment riding up that trail, but maybe it is whimppy in comparision to others. Believe or not, Gully Rd, is the downhill trail where I have eaten it so many times. I know it is a Blue Trail, but man, you get going fast down it. I think the thing to do is just keep on practicing. I do appreciate everyones advice. Thanks alot. Vince
  3. vtroia

    Need Starting Tips

    I have a fairley new KLX300R. I never have a problem starting it when is cold. I use the choke and kick it maybe once or twice and that is it. I also never have a problem starting it when it is hot. If I have riden for an hour, for example, I turn my bike off for a couple of minutes, and start it right back up, usually on the first kick. Unlike my RMZ. Thank God for the Hot Start on that bike. Anyway, yesterday I rode for about 1 hour, and I took a 20 minute break. I could not for the life of me start my bike back up. I tried using the choke too, but nothing worked. I ended up waiting for a few more minutes and tried again with no choke and it finally started. I never touch the gas when I try to start the bike. Any suggestions?
  4. Okay...I have only been riding Dirtbikes for a year. I only ride on trails. I need some tips on going up and down hills. I have been challenging myself lately at Hollister Hills, by moving from the easy/medium trials to the more difficult ones. Here are my problems: Climbing. This is when I am on a really steep hill. I lean forward as much as possible and try to keep my feet on the pegs, but sometimes they come off becuase I need to try to keep my balance. Then what happens is I usually end up going side to side up the hill, almost crashing into the sides of the mountain. Descending. I completely suck at this. I have eaten more dirt becuase of basically not knowing how to do this properly. Again, this is on a realy steep descent. I usually try to use my engine to slow me down (maybe in 2nd or 1st). If I get going fast, for example in second gear, I end up hitting a bunch of bumps and get tossed, no matter how tight I am holding on the the handlebars. If I leave it in 1st, my rear tire drags becuase I am not going fast enough for that gear. I have tried braking but this seems to create more problems. If I use the rear brakes, the back end slides out to either side. If I use the front brake, well, lets just say, it isn't pretty. I have also tried pumping the front brakes. My body position in off the seat a bit, leaning more towards the back of the bike. Maybe, I just need to man up and haul ass down the hill and try to stop on a dime right before the trail turns. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. vtroia

    2002 YZ125 Manual

    Hello, I am looking for a 2002 YZ125 Manual in a .pdf format. Does anyone out there have one that you could forward to me? Thanks.
  6. vtroia

    Knocking Noise KLX300R

    It is during high RPM's, I was just saying that the knocking has the same sound as when you lug it.
  7. vtroia

    Knocking Noise KLX300R

    Yeah, just like you said when you are "lugging it". That is exactly what it sounds like. The guy I bought it from had an extended warranty, which transfered to me. I am going to take it in. Thanks.
  8. I just bought 2004 KLX300R that is practically brand new. Less than 100 miles on it. I just took it out yesterday and noticed a knocking noise when I am at a high RPM. For example, from 2nd to 3rd gear, right before I shift to 3rd, the knocking noise is loud. Is this a common thing with these bikes? Or do I need to take it in to the shop? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vince
  9. I just bought a 2004 KLX300R and I wanted to know what modifications, besides the pipe and jet should be done to increase the power. Does the airbox/filter and sprockets need to be done?
  10. vtroia


    Hey St1cky.. Yes it is on the bottom of the carb. It is a real pain to get to unless you have that special pilot adjuster wrench. I have the entire service manual in a .pdf format if you want me to send it to you. If so, give me your email address.
  11. vtroia


    Hey Charlie...Thanks. Forgive my stupidity but.. "Rich" means more fuel than air, and "Lean" means more air than fuel. Is this correct?
  12. vtroia


    Hi Guys, Is it normal for the RM-Z250 to constantly pop, when down shifting or letting off the throttle? I bought this bike used and have only ridden it a few times. The exhaust system that was on the bike at the time I purchased it was a "Bills" Exhaust system. Which includes the header pipe. Becuase this was too loud for Hollister Hills, I decided to put the Stock Muffler back on. The bike did not run very good after I did that so I took it into the shop. They rejetted it and got it running good. The only problem I have is that it is always popping. Does this sound like some kind of vacuum leak or is air getting into the system somewhere?
  13. Okay..This is driving me crazy. How can I properly adjust my idle and air screw. Here's the deal. I use the choke when starting and let it idle for a bit. As soon as I hear the engine rev higher, I immediately close the choke. Usually the bike idles fairly low, but stays idling. All of sudden a week ago, as soon as I would close the choke, the bike would idle for a few seconds and then it would die. I also noticed that when I twisted the throttle, it hesitated for a split second before the engine would rev. So I turned the idle screw to the right and actually heard the engine rev a little higher. The bike still, if left alone would die. Also even though I turned the idle screw, the hesitation still existed. So, I then backed the air screw out a few turns. This got rid of the hesitation and the bike seems to idle okay. I am concerned though because the air screw is backed way, way out. It literally looks like it could fall out at any time. Isn't there some easy way / procedure to adjust both of these screws? Something like, turning them all the way in and then backing out two turns? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.