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  1. torch1822

    TTR125 squeaky noises need fix help

    I would start with greasing the linkage and swing arm pivot that should solve the issue. It has to be disassembled and pack the bearings, I do this yearly on trail bikes and every 6 mos on race bikes or whenever they start to squeak. It may sound intimidating but it is pretty straight forward take pics before you tear down and follow them for re- assembly good luck
  2. torch1822

    ttr 125 gas tank

    I need a ttr 125 gas tank any one have 1 or a sorce that aint $400
  3. torch1822

    How to watch Anaheim 1 online?

    2 spots 4 ya http://www.time4tv.net/2011/09/speed-channel.html (live speed feed) and http://www.justin.tv/directory/sports (justintv sports)
  4. torch1822

    Will SX be on the internet???

    ok that link re-directs to http://www.justin.tv/specbrn3/popout
  5. torch1822

    Will SX be on the internet???

    speed-channel-live-watch-speed-channel-online Fuel is avail also
  6. lol listen to Ralph's commentary. that is the FAIL
  7. torch1822

    SX confirmed teams this year!

    hanny on 450 tylla 250-sx 450-mx pourcell= europe
  8. torch1822

    moose racing air filters, any good?

    moose filters and oil are made by DT1. I live close to them and have run there stuff for a few years with no problems. there filters even hold up to cleaning with gas.
  9. torch1822

    Downloading the fuel and speed broadcasts ???

    i have wached live races at firstrowsports.com last season. deacent feed and live
  10. I never used the tether on mine actually I know about 6 people with them and none use the tether. I was told the tether would greatly increase effectiveness with regard to side to side motion of the knee.
  11. torch1822

    is $4,000 to much?

    I am thinking of selling my 2006 CR250r. I am the second owner this bike has very low hours (30-40). A few scratches on plastics and "I broke the fender" guess which one the only thing on this bike not stock is rubber. So is $4,000 to much? If I cant get $4000 it will stay a garage quean. Thank you
  12. torch1822

    Truing stand

    I always true wheels on the bike with a riged up pointer, always worked good for me
  13. torch1822

    who got the MEC prediction right

    I won a dollar. RV all 3
  14. torch1822

    Calling all wheel truing experts!

    .080 = 8/100 or 80/1000
  15. torch1822

    1st win

    Get a start!!! jump for show corner for $$