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  1. Nikasil

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Thats quite a capacity you've got -- and I thought I was carrying a big load!
  2. Nikasil

    petcock questions

    +1 on the WR400 petcock; a great price and a quality part:thumbsup: I actually have it installed on a Clarke tank.
  3. Nikasil

    DR350 Fuel Tank Preference

    I have the Clarke and like it fine, but I believe the Acerbis allows you to actually use the full tank of fuel, whereas the Clarke has the petcock above the level of the forward part of the tank, so you'll run dry before you actually use all the fuel.. Still a great tank that adds good range though.
  4. Nikasil

    You ride a Suzuki, What's your job? (NOW WITH PICS)

    Acupuncturist here in San Francisco.. my DR350: at the end of a long ride a few weeks ago:
  5. Nikasil

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Here's my '96 350SE: and a link to a ride I did with it last month (on adv rider)
  6. Wow, you took some great pictures. I like the look of those snow-covered peaks, but I'm sure the temps weren't quite as comfortable as they were for me! Thanks for the link:thumbsup:
  7. Wow, thats neat to see some of the same places but in spring time. Did you happen to post your ride pics online anywhere? That'd be fun to see if I recognize any other spots.
  8. Hey guys, just thought I'd post my pics from a couple weeks back that I originally put up on adv rider. Let me know what you think! my Mendocino ride report:
  9. Nikasil

    1997 RMX250 questions

    My setup and altitude are likely a bit different from yours, possibly explaining the different numbers: '90 RMX with boyeson rad valve, fmf exhaust, no airbox lid, 38mm pwk airstryker, at 2000' altitude 42 pilot 165 main and the stock needle and slide that came with that carb (off a '97 kx250), I don't recall the numbers on them. Keep working on finetuning your jetting, you should have every bit as much topend power with the pwk as with the pj.
  10. Nikasil

    315s RULE

    What prompted you to switch from the 525 Dwight? Tired of the weight or don't need that much hp?
  11. Nikasil

    PC or FMF on rmx 250

    Well its been discussed numerous times if you do a search on this site, but to summarize, the PC seems to have better fit and finish, and is less susceptible to cracking at the mounting junction. But this seems to be the case for the later RMX's, like '96-'98. That said, my '90 rmx with full FMF exhaust has never needed rewelding, the silencer doesn't rub the tire, and it didn't require any hammering with ball-peen hammer to clear the gas tank or anything else. So I've been very happy with it, but can't compare the power output with the PC, since I've only ridden with the FMF. What year is your RMX?
  12. A couple options to make the xr650 more comfortable for long trips: you can get a really plush seat made by corbin, and you'll love it for long flat stretches or roads. But its wide, and locks you more or less into one riding position, making it more difficult to slide around and weight the bike for technical terrain. The best idea for you might be the gel saddle insert from saddlemen, which maintains the more slim original seat outline, but makes the seat more plush -- I've heard good things about it from a guy who put one on his xr650L, but I haven't personally tried it: http://www.saddlemen.com/dualsportindex.html hope that helps. Have fun on the tat! I hope to ride that sometime too.. Edit: hmm.. now that I check their (saddlemen) product list, it seems they don't have one listed for the xr650r. Maybe if you contact them they'll have one that works?
  13. Nikasil

    96 rm 250 jetting questions

    You should check the setting of the float height, and make sure the float valve in the carb doesn't need replacing. It also sounds like your jetting is way too rich in the low and mid-range circuits. Call your local zuki shop and ask what the stock jets are for that bike/year, and compare to what pilot and main you have in your carb, as well as what position the needle clip is in. But the stock settings are only an approximate starting point -- you really need to set it for your altitude, current temps, etc. If you have an aftermarket pipe and/or reed valve in the bike, that also will tend to require different jetting. Now that temps are cooling off, its also going to need to be somewhat more rich than in the summer.. Anyway, you can just look up some of the jetting guides on this site to walk you through the process if you're not familiar with it -- its not hard to learn, just takes a little patience at first to get the hang of it. If you're jetted right, the motor shouldn't load up or foul plugs at all when idling or at any throttle position. Edit: heres a link to another thread with some jetting guides and info: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=371744&page=2
  14. there's some LG world fmx championship thing on cbs right now..