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  1. iav84u

    PW50 runs and then shuts off

    No, the oil level is fine. I was recommended to plug the oil system and run pre-mix, so I might look into that. I will check the oil pump and exhaust and change the plug.
  2. iav84u

    PW50 runs and then shuts off

    So my son is finally into riding the bike. He's now four and is ready to go to the kids track he says! Dad is so happy! It's an '06 in really nice condition and the last couple times he rode it, it runs good for about 10-15 minutes but then it starts bogging down and shuts off. Then if you try and kick it again, the kick starter won't budge like there is a ton of compression built up in it. If you let it cool down for a few hours then it is fine again. It's also been smoking a lot. I'm guessing something with the oil injection?
  3. iav84u

    Annodized Frame

    It's actually not very expensive. It's a BBR aluminum frame for a pitbike. Only a couple hundred bucks. I'm just wondering if it rubs off or fades quickly.
  4. Has anyone dealt with an annodized frame before? I'm curious about how long it looks good before the annodizing wears off. Especially where the boots rud. Please let me know.
  5. iav84u

    Will the 2010 250F be fuel injected?

    If I don't have to worry about jetting, then yeah, I'd spend a little more money on it.
  6. Just jurious what an '09 is going for "out the door" price right now. I've been talking to the Pro Circuit guys about having them build me a bike but they want to charge me $6500 for the base bike. Let me know!
  7. Does anyone have any scoop yet on if the 2010 250F will be fuel injected. I'm thinking about selling my 2007 and getting an '09, but will wait if the 2010 is going to be EFI. Thanks!
  8. iav84u

    Hour meter for 2007 250F

    The guy at the shop told me the coil was in the cap that goes on the spark plug? Is that true? If so that would mean it would be hard to sense the pulses for the hour meter. Anyway, that's why I'm asking this question and if anyone has any pictures that can show me what to do would be great!
  9. iav84u

    Hour meter for 2007 250F

    I was just at my local shop and they told me that the hour meters don't work on the '07's because the coil is in the cap for the plug? Anyone have on that works on their bike?
  10. I'm missing the the little screw that limits the travel on the throttle. I looked at Yamaha's schematic for the bike and it doesn't even show it. Does anyone know the size of that screw?
  11. iav84u

    PW Training Wheels

    Just bought a PW for the kids and need to get some training wheels. Are there any that you would recommend? I was looking at wheels4tots.com and safelyride.com. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. iav84u

    Mxpitbikes, Speed 214-f

    Yeah, I had one. I'm the guy that Subvana13 quoted about the bike. It is what it is. A cheap Chinese bike. Not saying that is bad, but you get what you pay for. I never had any major issues with it, other than the things that I changed. It started on the first kick every time and ran great. If you want a play bike, I'd say go for it. If you are going to race it, then I'd probably look elsewhere. The customer support isn't the greatest if you go through the importer. I think mxpitbikes.com sells them and maybe they are better with customer support so you could try them. My buddy has a Pitster and I'd highly recommend them for their customer support. He does have some issues with stuff breaking (some components are poorly made), but Pitster steps up and sends him new pieces for free. So Justin, you want to ride? Get that Polinin up and running again so we can go!! Here's what I stepped up to. This was my Coolster:
  13. iav84u

    best pit bike on market

    Here's my new toy. It rocks!!! http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h93/skiav8/DSCF0373.jpg http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h93/skiav8/DSCF0415.jpg
  14. iav84u

    I need pictures of your guys' bikes!

    Check out my garage
  15. iav84u

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    Here are my two rides! 2005 KX 250F and 2006 BBR 110 with 160cc