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    WR400 Rebuild

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    motor swap

    Hey, I just did the same thing. 2001 YZ426 in my 99 WR400. Overall it going pretty well, but when I use my 400 carb (with a 426 Dyno Jet kit) on the motor it runs like crap at anything >3/4 throttle. I know it's something to do with the carb, because I also have a 2002 YZ426 SM and I swapped carbs. The WR400 went like a raped ape with the new motor/carb. Did you run into anything like this?
  3. Hi all, I juist bought a yz426 engine off of Ebay (yeah I know, I'm taking a chance). So far it looks ok, and about what was advertised. It has a few goodies in it, and low hours. It also has a DR.D wet sump kit installed and I'm wondering what I need to do to remove it (I don't want to change the oil every ride). My bike still has all the existing external frame oil lines. Can I just remove the block off plates on the outside of the engine, or is there something internal to the engine (like a baffle around the oil pump)? Any help would be appreciated. GTP

    WR400 Rebuild

    I'm just reading through your posts of your rebuild with great interest. I'm facing the same rebuild and have the exact same blue/heat marks on my 99 WR400 crank. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing as you did/doing. (i.e. WR426 crank assy, 426 cylinder and piston, Hot cams). I'm noticing the date of your posts. Have you been working this for a over a year?! Keep up the work, I'm going to refer to your postings during my rebuild, Thanks!