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  1. Millrat

    accelerator membrane

    Go with the Boysen pump. Not hard to find. On sale at MotorclcleUSA.com for $81. I'm buying one today for an '06 450EXC with only 5 hrs. on the clock. One off another carb will work if you don't muck it up doing the switch, but it will still be a used part.
  2. Millrat

    "05" 450exc mod's out of the box

    WOW! A left over 450 EXC? Not where I live. I bought an '06 and have a whole 110 miles on it. Love it. My partner has an '04 525 that he put a JD jet kit into. He says it made a noticable low & mid difference. His main reason for the kit was to get rid of the compression popping. His still pops alot more then my 450. You make the call. I'll probably rejet mine but I think I'll go with the Boysen pumper, too. A friend did it to CRF250X and is blown away by the difference. I also did the hand gaurds, engine gaurds, grip warmers and my boss (with the 525) bought me the clutch slave cylinder gaurd. Highly recommended. Good luck.
  3. I just paid cash for one on 2/3/06. Bike, KTM hand guards, grip warmers, bash plate, shop manual (on CD) title & registration with a plate.... $7861.41
  4. Forget the stator if you are getting good spark. Try the easy stuff. If the engine runs at some speed and is not popping out the exhaust or carb, I'd say move on from the valves to a fuel delivery or ignition timing problem.
  5. Millrat

    My first ever ride on a KTM/SXF

    I scored an '06 450EXC on Friday. Rode an hour and a half that day and another hour plus during the super bowl. I gotta say this bike rocks!!! Yes suspension real stiff but I'm told it will break in. Goobs-o-go on trails and a blast on forest service roads! The breaks are great and not hard to get used to as my other ride is a Triumph 955 Sprint with big dual rotors up front. The '06 graphics are cool, too.