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  1. 74Ossaguy

    Life of premix?

    I have buddies that ride new KTM's and they will use premix that is months old and have never had a problem. Just try to use it up the sooner the better but I would say those owners manuals are worded in a way that protects the manufacturer and they will always reccomend the ideal situation to cover themselves. All of the comments noted by the others here are worthy.
  2. 74Ossaguy

    Buying a used KTM 05 250 EXE

    Your main concern would be damage inside the engine both cylinder and or gearbox area. Check the airfilter and look for a well fitted filter and one that has been greased around the area where is seats to the airbox. Also, ask him how he cleaned the filter and how often. What type of air filter lube did he use/ Other than a teardown of the engine all you can do is ride it and see how she sounds and how well the bike runs. KTM top ends can take more abuse than any Jap bike. What ratio of pre mix did he run and what oil? How often did he change the gear box oil? Thats about it. The rest of the bike is easer to check visually and by touch and riding.
  3. 74Ossaguy

    new 07 250sx

    Check my thread - not sure it got to you from 74Ossaguy
  4. 74Ossaguy

    new 07 250sx

    To eliminate vibration by approx 25 to 30% try Fasstco anti vibration bar inserts - they work! Will add a pound to the bike but believe me you will like them. Many top pros use them but they dont want you to know it. www.fasstco.com Also, I once put an Ohlins rear shock on a DRZ 400 and it was like a whole new world that I had never experience before. Suspension set up is where its at! It was worth every penny of the $600.00! Closest thing you will get to a trick factory shock. KTM makes a trick shock in their hard parts catalog ($5,000. bucks!). Thats what Juha Salminen used - I wonder why??? Good luck dude!
  5. 74Ossaguy

    Vintage cut-off?

    True vintage cuts off at or close to 1974 models but the basic concept is 4." max rear suspension travel and 7.0" max front suspension travel plus you cant put modern disc brakes and such on the bike but you can use new parts that are of like design to that of the old pre mid seventies bikes. 1974 is a turning point year as that is when the long travel suspension was really discovered to be a benefit and that is when the factories went wild with experimentation. For more details go to www.ahrma.org which is the big USA vintage association.
  6. Hi, I have an 05 250 exc. Great bike but I am interested in more power across the whole range. I was told I could put an SX piston & head in my bike along with jetting mods for big gains. What else? A pipe? Powernow part? Jetting? Power valve spring? Used for tight knarly woods and hare scrambles. Thanks for your help!
  7. I ride an '05 KTM 250 EXC. You hear a like of variation regarding old premix and oil premix oils and when to discard them for lost effectiveness. Can anyone shed some facts on this? Exampl, once you open a bottle of high grade pre mix oil does it have a definate shelf life? Same for 92 plus octane gas, does it have a definate shelf life? Lastly, what is the life when the 2 are mixed as premix? The KTM onwers manual suggests not using 1 week old mix but everyone I know uses it anyway. Thanks!
  8. 74Ossaguy

    DRZ 400 KICK START MODEL- Jetting problem

    Hey Burned please read my last reply and thanks all for the help! By the way fo those that don't know Stroker was larry rosselers company selling aftermarket stuff for offroad 4 strokes but I found out today this company is no longer in business.l
  9. 74Ossaguy

    Opinions on 2001 Dirt model.

    Kicker model weighs in right around 250 lbs with all stock parts including the pipe. Go to the electric start dirt model and add 12 pounds for the batery and starter stuff. I have a 2000 model Kicker and a few problems but I would say the bike is a blast in many ways. Many clues to look for with a used bike. Good luck!
  10. 74Ossaguy

    2,500 miles on a '00 DRZ 400 Kickstarte model

    OK, here is a little DRZ story of 2,500 hard dirt miles. After reading the other Ode for a DRZ at 30,000 miles I feel like I need to go up and down Baja a few times. First let me tell you my '00 400 kick starter has hung in the woods with KTM EXC 200's, 250s' 300's, yamaha 400's and a Honda 450! All with really well skilled eastern Tenn snotty trail riding experts aboard. You will work harder then they but you can hang. Main improvement necessary - SUSPENSION WORK! Try an Ohlins rear shock and respring and revalve the fork. Oh , keep the knobbies rear fresh too. The stock 41 HP can do alot in the woods and grass track moto work. The stock exhaust although heavy is a stealth weapon as you can jam a wheel up on someone and they never hear you coming! Let me tell the tale of wear and tear; 1 destroyed stock rear shock - could not be fixed as it would keep blowing out even after expert repairs? The good thing about this was it introduced me to the Ohlin shock which is heaven in the rutted knarly stuff. Next major problem was a locked up gearbox. Coasting thru a turn I downshifted from 4th to 3rd with little or no throttle and she locked up! Major carnige inside. Nothing else to say other than regular lube and maintanence!
  11. Anyone want the history on a totally thrashed bike - mostly woods and grass track style motocross riding from an old expert vet.
  12. 74Ossaguy

    DRZ 400 KICK START MODEL- Jetting problem

    Stroker Breather kit; Remove smog pump Remove air fitting on the head Remove air box snorkel Remove black plastic cannister box above the pipe Then, Pilot #48 (was a #45) Main #170 (99% sure)(originally was #142) DVR Needle 4th clip from top( This might now be at 3rd from top)(was a OBDXP needle) Pilot air jet #100 (was # 60 originally) Fuel Screw 2 turns out (? I have not check this lately?) If you wanted I could fax their instructions to you for reading. Please remember the bike was fine until I re routed those carb overflow hoses. The only other thing I may have moved by accident was the fuel screw but it would not have been done intentially. Thanks,
  13. 74Ossaguy

    DRZ 400 KICK START MODEL- Jetting problem

    Ok, jetting was modified with and because of adding a Stroker breathing kit. I think it called for a needle adjustment but without looking further I am not now sure. Aslo it required the removal of the black plastic little air box and the snorkel cover. I am running the stock pipe and premium unleaded gas. I never had this hessitation issue until I rerouted the hoses 2 weeks ago. The only other I must check is to make sure I did not crimp the rerouted hoses which I guess would restrict some air? Hey Thanks for your help!
  14. 74Ossaguy

    need to change the cables when rising the handlebar

    I have a 2000 400 kick start model and I bought the risers from Thumper Racing. The cables fit fine with a little adjusting. By the way this was a significant improvement for off roading riding comfort. They move foward and upward.
  15. 74Ossaguy

    help with changing handle bars

    I had to buy a new throttle tube as Suzuki glued the grips on with a permanent type glue and you cant get them off without taking off little pieces at a time and even then it will take forever.