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  1. CraigKrage

    Chain slider replacement - difficult?

    If you have enough slack you could just pop the master link out of the chain and go from there.If not you can loosen the rear wheel and move it to give you enough slack.No need to remove the rear wheel.
  2. CraigKrage


    Well I put my Duro tires on today so I figured I'd play with adjusting that chain. I wound up spinning the half moon adjuster to it's lowest setting and then tightening the axle nut just a bit and knocked the adjust back a hair with a flat punch and then tighten it all down. It's got just at 2inches of slop now. I figure on a brand new chain it'll stretch a little bit and then I can get on to the REAL adjustment notches. I'm gonna say that this case is closed. P.S. I made some little barrel spacers for the front sprocket/chain guard and it works like OEM.
  3. CraigKrage

    Wheel Bearing Retainer Removal - NEW PROBLEM, I swear!

    I just did mine and I would suggest either making it yourself or just being very carefull with the appropriate punch and use PB Blaster or other penatrating lube. If mine hadnt been cross threaded by the last guy mine would have spun off after the first few light taps with a punch and mini mallet.
  4. CraigKrage

    Show your PIG

    I dig it. Wish my 92 wasnt red white and crappy blue.
  5. CraigKrage

    Show your PIG

  6. CraigKrage


    What should it be?
  7. CraigKrage


    Roger Dodger. I took it out for a good spin. Shifts nice and easy and grabs good. Didnt dump the clutch but pulled the front up. Might have gotten a Weee bit of slack but it still doesnt seem like much. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-XR600R-XR-600-1991-01-O-Ring-Chain-Sprocket-Set_W0QQitemZ200137087672QQihZ010QQcategoryZ35600QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem That's what I got.
  8. CraigKrage


    I've got an inch of slack at the middle. I'm not worried where the wheel moved to it's that if I move it any further it will be off of the half moon tensioner. I just checked and the front is a 15 tooth. If I bought factory gearing why would the chain be so damn tite?
  9. CraigKrage


    I just put a new chain and sprockets (14/48) and wheel bearings on my 92 xr6hundo and I've got the adjuster all the way down to the notch before 5 and the chain only has an inch tops of slack. Plus I could not put my front chain guard back on due to the chains size. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. CraigKrage

    a little bit of funny here

    I took my writen that day.... I was laughing....... A+ Does yours have a speedo?
  11. CraigKrage

    a little bit of funny here

    I got my CDL a few years ago and when I did they didnt put my M class on my license. I went in 2 weeks ago to tag the bike and thought I'd get it all squared away. They said Woops but it had expired in the mean time. I've had my M class since I was 16 and now I have to go back and ride for the man again. Did they look over the bike for specific things?
  12. CraigKrage

    217 fiddy crew/HQ Riderz

    217 fiddy crew met up with HQ Riderz July 15th and this is what we did.
  13. CraigKrage

    NewBie 92 xr600 ?

    I'm going to look at a very nice 92 xr600. I would be more inclined to run this on the streets as to kill the trails (maybe hit Flat River). I would like to know what wheel tire combo to run on this bike for more of a Super moto style. If I run @ Gateway Super Moto track I'm sure the suspension would have to be dealt with but for now I'd like to beat up the streets a little. Is anyone willing to help a new to thumper world guy out?