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  1. RBG

    Aftermarket clutch/brake lever kits

    Hi Peter, I have ASV F3 levers on my 03 klx 300 and had no problem with the install. The ASV brake lever has a machined tip that goes into the master cylinder no adjustment. The screw with the acorn nut is to adjust the distance between the handlebars and lever for smaller or bigger hands. I bet if you try to install the F1 levers they will fit. Most ASV levers are universal fit except the KTM's with hydro clutch and some e-start models.
  2. RBG

    Monday Oct 2nd Dez Ride

    Man if i only had Mondays off!!!! Hey tattooart thanks for the Vapor. I just got done taping it on my bike. HAHA. Remember 730 am is early. Thanks bro!
  3. RBG

    Finally made it to Randsburg

    Man Randsburg looks packed! Was that over the Labor Day weekend. I don't think I've been there when it's that busy. Glad you and your family had a great time. Cal City is one of my favorites. SHHH now don't tell anyone else.
  4. RBG

    tall seat and cover

    I used www.gutsracing.com When I got my bike it had the seat foam shaved for a shorter person. They have different foam and covers.
  5. RBG

    Proper Sag?

    i,m not sure what the best settings are for that bike. But here is a link on how to do it. http://www.klxzone.co.uk/klx_suspension.html
  6. I agree with Painless. I went down to a 48 tooth and like it alot better than the stock 50 tooth. When I am haulin threw a whoop section the bike use to rev too high in one gear and too low in the next. Now the gears seem to be right in the middle of the powerband. I think the 15/48 that you are thinking of running is a dramatic change, about 4 1/2 teeth, and you would lose alot of torque.
  7. RBG

    Who's riding where on Monday in So Cal

    You can ride with us. About 5 guys riding from the bowl in dove springs to mciver's cabin. A couple of guys are thinking of riding to randsburg after the morning cabin run. Good riders, no egos, fun for all. PM me if interested.
  8. RBG

    $500 for a valve adjustment????

    Mike, Run Forrest!!!! $500.00 bucks is way too much. Try www.afterburnermx.com I called for you and they said $ 100.00 and that included shims. I just had them replace both tires and h.d tubes, chain and 48t rear sprocket, true my rear rim, perform 1st service which included greasing bearing, lof, etc. I also picked up a set Pro-Tapers and grips all for $ 500.00 bucks!!! Give Mike a call they are in Canoga Park. Cool people. P.S. let me know when you want to ride I'm in Simi. Reed
  9. RBG

    Klx300 Tall Seat??

    Mark, If you need taller seat foam try www.gutsracing.com I bought the foam and cover from them for my 03 klx 300. Good quality. Hope that helps.
  10. RBG


    Kelly if you are in so cal try admo tours. Do a TT search I posted a summary of a few things that they taught. Me and a couple of friends did the training and ride. Anything you want to learn they will teach you, uphills/downhills, whoops, throttle and brake control, etc. It was a friendly and low pressure day and all of us had a blast!! We want to do the 3 day tour when funds permit. Here's there website www.admo-tours.com
  11. RBG

    should I trust this?

    Total scam !!!! Stay away!! The tip to most of these scams is the poor grammer, checks written for over the amount, and you pay shipping.
  12. Have a 03 that I purchased 6 mon. ago from a good friend. Was riding the bike yesterday and got a rear flat. Found a bunch of spokes were loose and punctured the tube. The bike only has 400 miles on it tops. My friend also has the same bike and had the same problem. Both bikes were purchased from the same dealer. Has anyone else had this problem? I've owned a few bikes over the years and have lots of friends with bikes and none have ever messed with there spokes and have not had a problem. Before I forget I set the tire pressure to 13 psi before the ride. Thanks in advance.
  13. RBG

    first bike

    Suzuki Tm 125. Mono-shock??? That was my spine!!
  14. Went on a 1/2 day training, 1/2 day ride with Admo on sunday with 2 friends at El Mirage. All of us have about 5 years experience from a long absence. We all had different things that we wanted to learn like squaring off a turn and better use of the controls. We arrived at 9 am and were greeted by craig and uwe pronounced oh-va. They asked us what we wanted to learn and we went down to the dry lakebed and started. Craig was our guide and he set up some cones and got us started. We first learned what leg should be down when coming to a stop and why. Then we did some power slides with our rear brakes upto a line, and sometimes way over. Next was a valuable lesson rear brakes sliding upto the line with a hint of front brake for percision, man what a difference, stop before the line everytime. We then did some slide turns around cones and my turning was probably twice as sharp as before. Next we learned throttle control, dumping the thottle is what i use to do, now i learned the clutch is way more effective. Just as the front brake complements the rear, the clutch complements the throttle. After about a half day on the lakebed it was time for the trails. Craig took us to various hills and whoop sections and explained how to do things, then showed us. I can now go up a hill stop in the middle and ride it the rest of the way up. To make a long story short, i learned alot. thanks Admo! www.admo-tours.com