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  1. Was a year ago,would have to find reciept
  2. I don't recall price,I think I purchased it through Slavens.Never made note of fuel usage but have seen others claiming better mpg.
  3. I went the Lectron route,happy so far.
  4. thats what I use in all my toys,year round.
  5. Perhaps you can go to a lighter oil viscosity this time of year.
  6. only speculation here but maybe 710 is thinner and flows through the pump and hoses there a difference in viscosity between the two?
  7. at first glance on my phone I thought it was a small overflow bottle,but on a larger screen looks like a screw driver plugging your fueltank vent,sorry for the confusion.
  8. That shop,Naults,is about 15 minutes from me.I had never heard of that particular kit but had considered others for my 300.
  9. can you get the correct sag numbers with what you have?It is my understanding that the Beta spring chart is a bit off and on the light side.
  10. PM motoxgiant,I think its called a subfender,common to break when you loop out.
  11. On my 300,I pulled the tank ,rear exhaust section,and seat,disconnect bottom linkage,and pulled shock out of the right side.May be different on 4 stroke.
  12. Looks similar to the Motominded setup,which I believe uses the same light,not sure if they block off the gap.