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  1. i am goin to do that as soon as the shims come in
  2. i have a 2005 kx250f. pro circuit ti-4 full system, boysen quick shot cover. i have the jetting right with the pro circuit jetting specs (the plug is a tan color).. but when i forst go and try to start it i have to push it. my local kawasaki dealer said my carburator was the problem. hoew could this be when my mixture is right? thanks
  3. when i broke my leg over the summer i went to every race to watch and learn from the faster guys, the track own switch up the design a couple of times so that hepled me to pick lines on those type of obstucles. go and watch it can only help ya. plus go and have a good time beats laying in the bed all day.
  4. i am looking to rebuild my 05 and i was wondering if i had to reglaze the cylinder? what does this mean? and how do i do it? thanks
  5. i use the pj1 and it lasts 3 day races on a muddy track.
  6. i have had mine 3 years and it still has the stock piston, rings and clutchs.. still has great power.. changed oil and oil filter every 2 races..
  7. i made me one. but i havn't got to use it because of my broken leg. i have 2 more weeks thou. i will tell ya
  8. i have the 2nd fatocry effex kit and i love 'em.
  9. will a 06 seat fit on a 05? the step set from sdg only fits 06-07 so i was just wondering.
  10. will 2006 rmz250 plastic fit a 2005 kx250f?
  11. does 06 or 07 plastic fit on a '05?
  12. GET IT DRITY!!! lol
  13. thats how i broke my leg.. lol
  14. will and 2006 kx250f seat fit on a '05?