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  1. OzLinc

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    This is what I was sent......DRZ700........only time will tell Engine: Bore Stroke 104.0 mm (4.094 in) x 85.0 mm (3.346 in) Compression Ratio 10.0 : 1 Engine 722cc (44.1 cu. in), 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC Fuel System Fuel injection Ignition Electronic ignition (CDI) Lubrication Wet sump Starter Electric starter
  2. OzLinc

    WHOA: Shake Up in the Final BIKE Results of 2009 BAJA 500!

    They are negiotiating the result right now.........you'll get the result as soon as Honda tell them.
  3. I'm a quad guy so I know the 700XX; I am registered here for general tech I want sometimes.......quad sites are better for chassis but bike sites are better for engine. The 700XX engine is quite different to the XR650.......Besides it's 686cc's it also has different port angles on both sides. The 700XX also has a single exhaust headder.....I think the XR has a 2 in to 1. The valves are different and the XR cam does not fit in to the 700XX head without a little modding. It's like the CRF and TRX450 engines, they do look alike but are actually quite different and not as much swaps over as you may think. Linc
  4. While the 700XX does use a centre chain drive, it does it by useing a sub-transmition that bolts to the outside of the (bike style) engine case and re-routes the standard left countershaft drive to the centre. This is why I have always beleived that the 700XX engine was originally designed for a bike and then adapted to the ATV. The fact the bike doesn't exist yet proves nothing. I still beleive the XR700 is coming.........
  5. OzLinc

    Trail Tech Vector

    I have a vector and used it in the Australian Safari, awesome?????. It worked well and displayed all I needed to see. The hand controller is easy to use but half the width of the ICO that meant the bars wern't so cramped. Sold my ICO stuff.
  6. OzLinc

    Black rubber hose in air box, 05 TRX

    Yes....or push it up against the filter like stock.
  7. OzLinc

    05 T-rex 450r PAIN IN ASS TO COLD START

    Shims??????......... I have 2 05 TRX's and they are a bitch to start cold when the valves are out.