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  1. Kx85 starts up runs good, dies when throttled hard. plug looks oily one opinion was crankcase oil getting through. I am still thinking jetting took carb off everything is where it should be, I think? (138-42-2clicks down and 1-3/8 turn) we live western wa under1000" . Now I am thinking the jetting is not right for the low temperature we have been having exept all my bikes have no problems just my nephews 2 stroke. Are 2 strokes more temperamental to temp change? (pro circuit exhaust stock air filter)
  2. Bikabilly

    Gearing 450 x (what do YOU run?)

    ya, what he said!!!
  3. Bikabilly

    Gearing 450 x (what do YOU run?)

    13t 51t I believe is stock!
  4. Bikabilly

    Gearing 450 x (what do YOU run?)

    My friend is running stock currently and is happy with the bike untill he goes to walker or like trails (tight and technical), seems to be shifting a lot 1st to 2nd I was curious what sprocket setup anyone is running out there? ( taller 1st gear, or lower 2nd gear??)
  5. Bikabilly

    bent head pipe, replacement?

    My friend has a 450x and went down and bent his head pipe into his stock side plastic gaurd melting it. Now he is in need of replacing it, he wants to go with a aftermarket head pipe and keep the stock x can for quiet purpose, any one know one that works or a whole system that is as quiet?
  6. Bikabilly

    Getting the 96 XR440 running

    I have had gas flow through like that also after draining the bowl in a couple different bikes, I was told when the carb is empty the floats sometimes stick and this happens I just twisted throttle and played with on off valve untill it stopped. But if it has been sitting for that long it is worth giving it a scrub down.
  7. Bikabilly

    graphics a-loop alternatives?

    I just replaced my stitched together scoops and thought I would just rock it no stickers but it kind of looks wierd so I was looking at available graphics for 96- 99 cr 250 but there is not much available. Anyone tried newer stickers on there a-loop scoops if so what worked? (I really want the Bailey wings in red on white scoops)
  8. Bikabilly

    a-loop replacement scoops???

    Ya, 99 cr 250 with that lower mount lobbed off worked perfect thanks for the answer! Not the mount that broke off the one lobbed off!
  9. Bikabilly

    a-loop replacement scoops???

    The radiator scoops on a a-loop kit are the same as ????
  10. I use the same procedure as Vette guy accept when I do the four kicks with kill switch and decompresion engaged I twist that throttle wide open, then kick at tdc and fires first try every time, I believe I got this procedure in a Honda Manual.