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  1. thomasd320

    Omega Neck Brace

    I was able to try one this weekend (I work for a dealer) and at 1st I thought it was restrictive but actually was very comfortable and really didn't feel it while I was racing.
  2. thomasd320

    Valve help please

    I was taught early on that if you put your index finger between the thumb and index finger on your other hand and pull your finger thru that would be the amount of "drag" you want//
  3. thomasd320

    Thinking about going Orange

    Bing a ktm dealer, I can tell you that KTM has made great progress in parts availability with a new distribution facility. They expect to have a 95% fill rate!
  4. thomasd320

    505 Sx-f?

    We just got one in at our dealership, Scott Powersports, Coopersburg, Pa
  5. thomasd320

    '07 450sxf Low End - is it a big deal?

    I went from a 06 yz450f to the sxf. I am also a 40+ vet novice rider. I really like the way it makes the power, more controllable coming out of turns. I also like the way it turns and feels in the air, like you every jump I make is an adventure. Electric start is awsome.
  6. thomasd320

    any1 ride rausch creek in pa ?

    I've ridden Rausch many times, what I am aware of is that they are trying to improve the track conditions. Like anything else in life it takes money and time. Be thankful it is STILL a place to ride!!
  7. thomasd320

    Husky SM610 "lemon nightmare" final post

    WOW...Rough crowd, get out and enjoy life and be thankful for what you have!
  8. thomasd320

    2007 250 Xc-f???

    KTM will have all new bikes next year including some wide ratio 250's
  9. thomasd320

    missing and backfiring YZ450F

    I did the same thing with the same result, I talked to Yamaha and they said to raise the needle (which I didn't do). Thats next for me, though I don't think it will work