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  1. Just acquired a barely used 2004 PW80. It was described as 'running cold' but really isn't running at all. On choke it starts reliably, but it stalls when the choke is off. If you can get it revving, it seems to run passably at 1/2 throttle, but it will eventually make a hollow bogging sound when RPM drops and it dies. Cleaned the stock jets and entire carb with SeaFoam and blew everything out. All is clean, compression is high (nearly 150). Normally if a bike runs well with choke I figure it's lean in pilot, but this is really weird in how it totally won't run at even a fast idle with the air screw at any setting. Are my jets varnished from two years of sitting in old gas, need to replace pilot? I don't think I have air leaks.
  2. goatknob

    Thin Base Gasket on KX85

    skidoo75, did you end up doing this? I too am looking for ways to give a little higher compression for better torque to our 08 KX85.
  3. goatknob

    kx85 for trail riding?

    My son's KX85 has no engine mods, but we have put FMF pipe and Steahly flywheel weight to temper the hit when the bike gets on the pipe. he is 12, has trail ridden for a few years and still rides it a bit like a four stroke. His biggest problem is finding low-end to lift the front over logs. I think this season we are going to lower the gearing to encourage his to use the top end when he wants speed and to help with low speed maneuvering.
  4. goatknob

    2006 kx85 jetting!?!?!

    The needle is too high, leaving too much fuel in the intake path. When you chop the throttle from 1/2, the lack of fuel from the carb momentarily makes the bike lean, or in your case 'proper', giving an unwanted moment of engine power before moving down to idle.
  5. I have never run race gas myself, but that plug looks like to me like you are too lean. Might be the difference made running 40:1 rather than 30:1 to richen up the mix just a little bit. Is the 30:1 a requirement of using your VP fuel?
  6. goatknob

    Snow Chicken March 21st

    Yesterday we rode Gladwin, due east of Baldwin, with certainly a bit less snow than Baldwin saw this winter. There was a lot of frozen earth in the shade where there are often puddles. Most of the trail was really nice, especially since most of it is so loose and sandy in mid-summer. I too have been planning to ride this weekend. Tin Cup has been getting traffic, especially last weekend when a friend walked some of the trail from the trailhead and observed ten+ trucks in the lot. It was clear there but icy in the woods. Certainly trails further west are too packed with ice to get out without studs until a few more really warm days or a hard warm rain. We may head over to Horseshoe/Holton. It's beat up and in dire need of grooming but mostly clear.
  7. goatknob

    2006 Ktm 65 sx jetting

    No answer for you, but I am struggling with the same situation with our KX65, where you have to keep the bike pretty hot and revs up to keep from having it bog off of idle. We have tried playing with our pilot jet from half turn to 2.5 turns out in quarter turn increments, and though we find a spot where the bike seems to run best and idle stays highest, it still is very very rough off idle. if my son accidentally stalls the bike it will take a lot of throttle blipping to start without severe bog in this case.
  8. There was barely any wear at the time of the clutch kit installation, in fact the pack was to spec for thickness at the time. I will be certain to confirm the pressure plate condition when I put in a new kit this week. The slippage has occurred after starting to use the Maxima oil, I have to say, even though it is spec'd for wet clutches. I may go back to the Bel-Ray or AmsOil products after the switch.
  9. I have been using BelRay Thumper and Maxima Maxum4 synthetic blend oil for the last year with a DP clutch kit, and after just the one year on my XR280 my clutch is slipping badly under heavy throttle. What gives? some posts here suggest that this can happen with full synthetics that are 'too slippery' for the clutch to work properly. I am preparing to replace the clutch, but frankly I can't see how I could possibly wear out a clutch in 900 miles of even the hardest riding on an XR. Any thoughts? I should state clearly that I have NOT used Honda's molybdenum enhanced oil by mistake, but I am suspicious of having used an oil that has created my problem.
  10. goatknob

    Spring Michigan Trail conditions

    I'm heading to Gladwin Wednesday for sure. I've been watching the National Weather Service's snow coverage maps and finally seeing some creeping back of the winter's pack. Last week a Gladwin resident told me it was still pretty icy up there, and you can be sure the south loop is going to be nearly impassible with deep puddles. My son started riding his (our) first two stroke two weeks ago! We are struggling to get in riding that doesn't involve Seal Skinz socks and winter gloves. Man what a long winter!
  11. goatknob

    Mikuni TM33/Pumper Carb And XR250

    I duly agree. If my bike were at all stock anymore, the stock carb would be great. Other than it making the bike easy to flood, the stock Keihin really has crisp response and is not in need of much tuning. The pumper hurts your mileage pretty drastically, as it pushes a lot more fuel into the engine than the stock carb.
  12. goatknob

    Mikuni TM33/Pumper Carb And XR250

    Installed my 277 kit and have nearly nailed down my carburetion settings. I've had a hard time finding anything to relieve a bog right off idle, before the accelerator linkage kicks in. The pilot jet affect just above idle is masked by needle height and needle jet size. I am now with 35 pilot, P-6 needle jet, stock needle at 5th clip, and with a 142.5 main. The 35 is an improvement over the 37.5 but I still can't ride for an hour without having a stall. Still, overall the response is really great.
  13. goatknob

    Mikuni TM33/Pumper Carb And XR250

    I installed a TM33 from XRsOnly a few weeks ago. My 2003 XR250 is not entirely stock, being that I have a Big Gun Exhaust and use TwinAir filter with the airbox snorkel removed. I was sent the carb with a 37.5 pilot, P-6 needle jet, and 137.5 main jet. Running in cool conditions I needed the needle set to the 4th or 5th clip from the top, and have not really nailed the mix right off idle yet. The pilot fuel screw under the output bell of the carb is really critical for off-idle performance, and this poorly documented carb is mysterious to me in this regard. As to how it works, I am happy with the throttle response and positive low-end kick it adds. I frankly expect more out of the carb when I install a 4mm oversize piston later this spring. Also, I highsided yesterday and left the bike on its side for a full minute. I was able to startit up without using the decompression lever, and on the second kick!
  14. XRsOnly sent this out to me for my XR280 with Twin Air filter and Big Gun exhaust with a 37.5 pilot and P-8 needle jet. I have been trying to set my pilot circuit with the screw under the engine side of the carb and find high idle at 7/8 turns out. I assume pilot is too big, so I switched to next size down, 30, and high idle is still at 1 turn out. My general problem is getting stalling/stumbling at idle when I come to a stop and sometimes when I slowly roll on the throttle. I also don't have my needle nailed yet but think I'm rich. Is the screw under the centerline of the engine side of the carb a pilot screw? I am surprised I don't see more effect from downsizing the pilot jet.
  15. goatknob

    what tires for michigan trails?

    Bridgestone M201/202 last season ran really great all around. I've switched to an S12 rear and am so far fairly happy, though for road sections between trailheads they are pretty sketchy. The M12 front has gripped so well on its side knobs that friends have had it climb out of ruts unexpectedly.