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  1. Is anyone aware if the 06' 450F has the same valve issues as the 06' 250F? I know there is a recall on the 250F. Thanks, Troy
  2. I'll be there. My son races on Saturday (Jr. and I race on sunday (B 250).
  3. If you plan to race on Saturday, you will not need to cut down your bars. The Saturday track is wide enough for a four wheeler to go through (much wider than your stock bars). If you do well and begin to race on Sunday, I would suggest purchasing a set of 80 bars or cut yours down. I have been racing Harescrambles for over five years. IT IS A BLAST! Best of Luck in your first HS race.... Regards, Troy Reynolds
  4. Moroso in WPB is in the process of building a track. Expectation is it will be completed in about two months.
  5. Wellington here...