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  1. BMMP is located in the brushy mtns 25 mi S of Lenoir NC...BTW
  2. Anyone interested in checking out this park? Let me know... I can give directions and possibly a guided trip. It's an awesome place to ride. Message me or e-mail me at mitc6920@bellsouth.net. The park has 1800 acres of unidirectional trails to explore. Everything from tight single tracks to ATV,or two wheelers!
  3. Ford F-450 super crew dump diesel--- f-250 diesel both 4wd
  4. Sorry 4 double post imanoobie!
  5. Will running a DRZ with a bad rectifier (recharging evry 15 starts or so) burn out the CDI unit? My bike will turn over also but does not offer 2 fire.
  6. Hi guys! I have 2 ,01 DRZs and one is 4 sale. Unfortunately the one I want to sell needs a rectifier 'cause she wont charge the batt. and today I was riding and I ran thru 1st, slammed 2nd and DEAD! no spit sputter just immediate shut down. After charging batt she turns over but no fire. I have ridden for a while with a bad rectifier (charging batt often) will this cause CDI unit 2 take a dump on me?