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    Changing my sprockets!

    I run 14/48 on xr400 w/mods love the gearing, Ride mostly narly trails and lots of hill climbs works perfect... was geared 14/45... In my opinion adjust gerring to want ever type of riding u do.......

    Helmet cam of trails and hillcimbs.

    Nice Riding - Just went there about a month ago for first time, that place has crazy hill climbs w/crazy rutts....... When I went it was very loose dirt & dusty... There was only 2 hills I didnt make the climb that were just outrages & hella rutted out with loose dirt in the rutts - couldnt keep traction plus front end was comin up.......... I will defeat them next time when I have better tire..... Awsome place to ride if like alot of hill climbs:thumbsup:

    A-Loop Kits

    I also love my Aloop Kit one of the best up-grade Ive done, Do it you wont regret it.........

    CDI Rev Box

    Thanks Rockjockey for the advise, I myself didnt think it would help any just trin to see what i can do to improve performance, 1 question I do have for you is I plan to rebuild top end want to go with 440 kit, Do u see much improvment in power & performance??

    CDI Rev Box

    Thinkin of buyin rev box for my xr400r Just have couple question for u TTers out-there 1, where and what type to buy ? 2. is it worth the $ 3. Been told would help with power & performance ?? I have 99 xr400r with mikuni carb / white brothers e-sieries exhaust and gordon mods....

    Mikuni HELP

    Want to rebuild my TM-36 Mikuni , Think my choke is causing me issues so I figure if I take it off might as well rebuild it.. Anyone know where I can get rebuild kit ????

    That's not good!

    Unfortantly its happen to me also, well it didnt fall completly off, I peelled it back to where it was about to fall off..... What I did was grinded down the two pieces were it seperated to clean up the edges also to get all the paint rust etc off......... Then I got second pair of hands ( pops ) to hold it in place then used mig welder to weld back into place , Then grinded down the welds to a smooth finish - then paint where u weld so it dont rust..... Just becareful because the fame has very thin walls so u can burn holes very easly..... Hope this helps or gives you an idea what to do.............

    Question - Zert Mod

    Thanks RockJocky for the info, I will fill the neck full - Im using very high temp & w/p grease.... As for completing this mod is very easy to do just look @ the pic that RockJocky put on his thread....

    Question - Zert Mod

    Completed zert fitting mod to my steering housing and installed new bearings & races,( pack the s*** out of them ) Quesation I have is do u fill up the steering neck completly ??? Or do u just add little bit here & there ???? Im using high temp & W/P grease......

    Xr250 hard turn

    Rock Jockey thanks for the info Im doing the mod as I type, Only one other question ?? When I put the grease in do u fill up the neck of steering or just put little bit in once in a while..........

    Xr250 hard turn

    RockJockey Did u just drill out small hole, then tap out hole ( thread ) , then install grease fitting with lock tight to seal it up ????? I have same problem with my 99 400 was about to change bearings, I would like to install grease fitting - very good idea

    Tech Question ???

    cmanno, Thank you for info just in garage putting new rear shock and Aloop kit on my 99 Wicked XR .. Now I can finish it up ..............

    Tech Question ???

    Im putting back my rear shock 99 XR400 and need to know if any one out there knows what the torque specs are to the top bolt and the bottom linkage.... I know I need to buy manuel Thanks for any info.............


    Im looking for Aloop kit if any one out there got one for sale

    Rear Shock Question

    Thank U Guys For The Info, Does Anybody Know Where I Can Get A Rebuilt Rear Shock Or Send It In To Be Rebuilt For A Good Price?????? ----- Live In Cali - Sac