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  1. Looking to buy a couple stabilizers, anyone know who gives the best deals? Called the guys at GPR but they seem to have an attitude that I wasn't fond of.
  2. How about a website for them?
  3. Anyone know of a reciever hitch bike carrier that will haul two full size dir bikes?
  4. yeah, it doesn't sound like it's going to work. I'll probably end up having the stator rewound. Anyone know if a different flywheel or an ignition cover is needed with a rewound stator? How about companies that rewind stators? I've only heard of Baja Designs but there's got to be others.
  5. I've heard there's a way on the CRF450 & 250's to run lights without rewinding the stator. Anyone know if this is true and how to do it? And, no I don't want an X model.