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  1. keithh

    Wheel Fitting

    I just went through that on the '96 410 I'm building now ,The rear wheel from the '96 setup has no way to adapt there is no spacer ,it has a sleeve that has a jam nut ,I dont think the front will fit either ,Husky has changed the bearing/axle/spacer combo several times over the past ten years ,I have a set of 45mm Shivers from an '05 installed on my '96 frame ,then I have a set of '01 wheels ,I purchased an axle/bearing/sleeve from an '05 ,then for the rear I had to machine a sleeve and spacer for the '01 wheel the '96 rear has no sleeve...pain in the neck but it all came together nice
  2. keithh

    ATV rider shot by park ranger in NJ ???

    It just goes to show you N.J. sux...... I think the whole program need a re-thought .. "two shot's in the chest, and one in the groin" ...sound's like an aggrivated warning shot to me...It's a shame that our tax dollar's pay for this kind of treatment.
  3. keithh

    Where to find a vintage husky?

    Dave , Would you be able to post a photo?
  4. keithh

    Where to find a vintage husky?

    I'm thinking older yet,Something Steve McQueen looking, I'm not too familiar with the model, but I know it's in the early '70s.
  5. I've been toying with the idea on finding an older Husky to restore, any one know if there is a vintage Husky classified? or is it just the right place, at the right time? Thank's
  6. keithh

    Husky Plastics

    Cemoto in the U.S.!! Glad to hear it, Please keep us posted.
  7. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    Sounds like a contradiction to me, If the odds are slim that it happened that quick then he must have had some knowledge of the problem. Well either way you slice it it's my problem now, If that were my luck I should play the lottery, wether you believe it happening that quick or not the fact is I paid good money for the bike,had a total of around 15 minutes use out of it...and that sucks
  8. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    The dealer had a 10.5 kit for $33 ,I'm going to try that first, I just don't want this problem again,I want the bike to be reliable, if it is reliable when I get over with this then I'll be O.K. with the setup.
  9. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    I got a Magura rebuild kit for the master yesterday,the dealer suggested I try that first,I have the syringe from Magura ,and fresh blood, It may be different on a bike ,from past experience when a clutch master goes on a car ,or truck the slave is'nt far behind ,I should have just spent the money,and purchased both complete units new.
  10. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    "You bought it used and only rode it 1/4 mile before you had problems" That's correct ,titled ,insured, plated and that's all the use I got out of it,I just want to fix it right ,and not throw a dart and have it fail again, did'nt know if this was a common problem ,since it's the first hydro clutch bike I've owned,and never having a problem with a cable clutch in the 32 yrs since I started riding,I think you can appreciate why I'm not to happy with the setup at this point,either way it's sliced it's my problem now, and an expensive conversation piece sitting next to my pool table
  11. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    No clutch ,meaning just as if you did'nt pull the clutch leaver in to put it in gear,you could'nt stop the bike in gear by pulling the the clutch leaver in,the bike would want to keep moving,like the clutch was'nt engaging, I asked the guy who I purchased it from,and he swears up,and down that there never was a problem with the cultch ,perhaps it's coincidence
  12. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    I purchased the bike from a friend of mine, got it home ,drove it for about 1/4 mile ,or less from my house then ,no clutch ,I checked the fluid ,it was to the level,I just picked up a bleeding kit,from what I've read these setup's are supposed to be great, but from my point of view at this point ,I'm not to pleased with it ,once the unit is in proper working order I want to be able to use the bike ,not worry if the clutch will work ,or give up again at any point it feels like not working.
  13. keithh

    Who sell's Polisport?

    Thank You.
  14. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    I guess I"m the only one who has a problem then ,How often ,or at all do they need to be bled? or does this mean the slave unit is going?
  15. keithh

    '00 exc 250's magura clutch

    How often do these unit's have problems? and is there a common problem with the system? Thank's