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  1. ,,,well we rode yesterday....its was the last day of the year..... we had a good one....we saw motochris54 out there,, and gabe too.... anyway...we are gona be there around 10:30-11am...for the first day of the year..... ya,,i know...late start.......but better late than never.... so if any of you guys wana go for a late morning ride...we will be there... .....white denali with a old ass trailer behind it..... rubber side down,,,, and gas it....thats all you need to know..... k...see ya when i see ya.........and happy new year to all you tt'ers stan,,,,(490x)....
  2. 490x

    Who's riding this weekend? Get together?

    ya lets do tex. again , same place as last time.......sat , 8:30-9 will make am call not sure if were gona get rain.....
  3. we are goin to the dog kennel,but we are just doin the reg.run,the guy who mapped out the lake Hughes ride,he is gona be there,but he has informed us , that on this sun if he gets home latter than 11:59am,he will be savagely beaten by his high strung wife,so I'm hope'n that on the 2nd of next month we can make the ride,but i would like to do it now!... i ben lookin forward to it! damit...(never get married) if the map guy cant make it on the 2nd..I'm am goin to steal his map,and we can tell him all about the ride. you are more than welcome to show this sun,Kevin,but its a on the bike by 7am ride. I'm not goin to post this one,had to hear sum crap last time..." theirs to many riders we cant keep the pack together"( my bud mark got lost and went back to the truck) but I'm gona pm motocris52,dirtskils,
  4. hidden treasure, this place is awesome only problem there are no staging areas this is a invitation only ride,you gotta know someone who lives there,we got a late start about 11am,it was frickin freezing out there,so we built a fire,just one of the perks of riding on privet property,warmed up for a couple of min,then we all walk the track,thats rite this guy,who is a retired teem green desert racer,has a full on mx track in his front yard!!, and so does two of the nieghbors,me and don were pretty in intimidated buy the mx track so we started out on the back side of the property,there are ridge top trails that parallel the 14 freeway must be 40 miles+ of ridge top trails don't know for sure cuz i ran off the road into the biggest yuka plant i have ever Sean,and popped my front tire,we were 20miles in to it,so we went back,fixed the flat,and spent the rest of the day on the mx track,I'm not much of a track guy,but when you get over the fear flying though the air,its all good ,i surprised my self when i cleared the 40' table top,then i thought i can make the double , every ones like ya you can make that no problem,ya rite ,i case it and smashed my nuts on the gas tank,it still hurts, it still was a great day of riding,a real hidden treasure..gotta go back and make the doubles...next time i get invited, i hope soon, i will p.m. a few of you tt'rs,the lucky ones
  5. 490x

    Creatine n Arm Pump

    i use the stuff to, for pratice rides it gives you mad arm pump,for me it takes two days and lots of water to get it out,as you know ,you do not want to do a serious ride with this in your system,you wont be able to let go of the bars or use the levers, my matabolisum is supper fast,im about 150lb,most guys i ride with are bigger,so you mite take three days off,lots of water,but you should test it out see what works for you
  6. 490x

    cadaver tendon for eric

    thanks to all of you tt'rs...., glad to know this is somewhat of a common sugary we were supper worried about Eric's recovery, asides from riding,this guy has to work just like the rest of us,he is still nervous about the sugary,but this info will help on a sociological level, wish him the best,.....thanks,
  7. 490x

    cadaver tendon for eric

    I'm not sure ,but ether way its real bad....if you have info on this type of injury please let me know, thanks
  8. 490x

    cadaver tendon for eric

    yo rick..thanks for your input man,......i just want to complete a ride not get a bad rep you go fast ,you pay the price,its on you.. (i will forword your best wishes to big e)... (when ya gona be back your missen the good stuff ) i emailed bryan ,said you mite tone it down a noch
  9. last week about 1/3 of the way though the lake Hughes loop my buddy Eric went down and f up his leg,but we made it back to the truck,he said his leg waz hurt en pretty bad,so he went to the e-room,doc said to keep it wrapped,so he did,but by wed the pain was gittin worse instead of better so he went back,they ran an MRI,they found ligament and tendon were both torn really bad,that didn't surprise me,Eric is a big dude and he went down hard then he told me the doc wants to put a cadaver tendon in the back of his knee!!! you mean out of a dead guy! i said..,and this is gona take 6/7 months to heal..major bummer...have eney of you tt'rs herd what its like to go though this kind of thing, my bud Eric is really nervous about this operation,and so am I,their is a small Chance he will have permanent disability (mabey i should should have posted in the health forum,but some of you know him from previous rides)wish him luck.
  10. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    SAVAGERACING thanks those msr bottles are supper cool, gota have... good lookin out
  11. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    well we did not make it all the way there,butt it was awsome,talk about being out in the middle of noware,we had to keep stoping to look at the map,the whole area was covered in snow,you could see huge moutain ranges all around with old impassable trails,so ya relley had to look for a rideable trail a few times we ended up on some dead end stuff,but even that stuff was cool,old washed out hill climbs,took me three times to get up one of them,ridge trails that look like they havent ben road on for years i bet we road on stuff allot of people never even sean... the only thing we saw waz some dear tracks,a bunch of big ass hawks swoopin down to chque us out,and lots of snow..no people we had the whole moutain just for us...it was cold but clear and no wind..one of the best rides i have ben on
  12. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    thats a good idea.......(the gas/water bottle) thats probaly just enough to get you into lake hues,if your tanks alittle on the small side the trail crosses sanFransquito cyn. , that would be a good place to stash sum gas PS,poor phrasing ......hurry up and get better motorick,your missin the good stuff
  13. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    ya it was eric,it turns out it was not a full on break but its bad his whole left leg looks like a pack of snowmobilers ran it over...OUCH!!!..... its about 55m to lake hues i think most of us can make it,,(you can get gas/food here) but if you dont have that kind of range...and you want to go you are gonna have to stash your own gas... i have no idea where? your gonna need to google earth the loop and try to find a good spot.....(kevin your ok on your 450r cuz you got a desert tank) my buddy joel ran out of gas about 8m from the truck on the way back from eric's acident,he was on a wr450 with a stock tank
  14. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    sorry i did not post up, but the guys i went with wanted to be on the bike by 7:00am,i had to leave my house at 5:30am(way to frickin Early) and i did not find out about the ride till sat night.. ************p. m. ride************************************* we are gonna try again on 3/26/06...this will be a 7:00am ride we are gonna try to make the lake hues loop...its over 100 miles!!!! the reason i say try ,is we are two for two two broken legs ,in two weeks!! c-Mon,we gotta break this bad luck streak
  15. 490x

    mite go today, tex cyn.3/11/06

    hmm....ya i think mabe wed, me and my bud don, mite take a "sick" day