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  1. I feel no compression stroke while trying to kick start my bike. Let me explain. My last ride was during a hare scramble in Oct of 09. The bike ran fine aside from the fact that it started very hard while cold. I didn't have any problems with it all day before washing and storing it for the winter. Last week I ordered a new set of ice tires hoping to hit the ice on Sun.17th before this happened. When starting a bike I always slowly apply pressure on the kick starter to move the piston up and down a few times "without trying to start it" , as if priming the motor before really jumping on it. This time while slowly moving the kick starter down with my foot, I felt an obvious compression stroke. After 3 more slow and controlled kicks "only applying little pressure on the kick starter", I felt what I assume was the power stroke, the exhaust stroke, and the intake stroke without ever feeling a compression stroke again after that. Is a valve stuck open, closed, carboned? Is it the Auto decompression valve? Is a Shim cocked in place a little? All opinions welcome, please help! Thank you.
  2. butek

    Sold my 97 tonite

    I seen the bike in a pic somewhere on tt. The bike was very clean and I can imagine it was hard to see it go.
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    Grease Air Filter

    The 01 yz250 had a manufacturing defect with the stock cage. When the filter was off I could fit the tip of my index finger between the airbox and the cage. So before drilling out the inner hole of the cage I really lathered the white grease on.
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    aftermarket air filter

    Power to the YZ250 owners!!!!!!!!!!
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    aftermarket air filter

    Yamaha made a manufacturing defect when designing the airfilter cage for the 01 yz250 and probably some different years too. Anyways, unless you have an aftermarket cage for this bike and maybe for the other years too, the moose airfilter with the neoprene seal is junk. The problem is that the cage (when it is all the way tightened) does not seal tight up against the front of the airbox. Which without alot of grease lathered around the seal allows dirt and dust to get through into the carb and probabaly the head. On my bike there was a half inch gap between the airbox and the filter. Enough to fit the tip of my index finger in between with out the filter on. Instead of buying a new cage I just took it to the drill press and drilled out the inner part of the inside hole with something like a 7/8'' or 3/4'' drill bit. Now the cage is so tight againt the airbox i could use the neoprene seal without sucking dirt. But I still suggest using grease around the filter to create the ultimate seal.