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  1. Natedoggracer

    valve adjustment cost????

    My guy checks valves for $60. If they need adjusted it $75.
  2. Natedoggracer

    barkbuster/Throttle promblem

    Motion Pro makes a tube that has a cap on the end that can be removed and replaced if needed. One thing I learned is to cut the hole end off. Dont just bore out a hole so that the bolt fits. If you leave a lip on the tube, when you lay your bike down on that side odds are the barkbuster will get jammed into the edge of the tube pinching it between the handle bar and the buster leaving you with cruise control because your throttle wont close on its own. Hope that makes sence. I also used a cheap steak nife to cut the end off. I didnt have a saw at the time. It actually work good.
  3. Natedoggracer

    spongy front brake?

    My Yzf250 is the same way. Im thinking about getting a new front brake line if all else fails.
  4. Natedoggracer

    packing exhuast?

    How do you repack a pipe with rivets? You cant take it apart.
  5. Natedoggracer

    Has this happend to others???

    My Kickstarter shaft bent and cracked my Crank case cover. I was starting my bike before practice when it kicked back about mid kick. I didnt think anything of it. On the next kick the kickstarter didnt come back up because it was rubbing on my frame guard. I looked at the shaft and I could tell it was a little tweeked. I packed up and went home. My machanic is pulling it apart to make sure that the main case didnt get damaged too. What causes the shaft to bend in the first place? I didnt think something that was made to kick could break from kicking it. Is this a common problem with bikes or is this just bad luck. Any info on this would be helpful.
  6. I want to get my suspension redone on an 05 250F but I'm not sure which company is better. I not sure if Factory connection is worth the extra money. I ride hare scrambles, I'm a top 5 B rider. Any comments would help before I spend my life savings.
  7. Natedoggracer

    4 stroke rear tire

    Why do you like these tires over others? Are any of these tires 4 stroke tires? Thanks for you help.
  8. Natedoggracer

    4 stroke rear tire

    I need a good tire for an 05 YZF250. I'm not sure what the diff is between a two stroke tire and a four stroke tire but I see some tires say four stroke. I race harescrambles and ride mx so I need a good all around tire for soft to intermediate terrain. Any ideas that would help me out before I spend my hard earned money. Thanks
  9. Natedoggracer

    decompression Plug ???

    Does a 05 YZF250 have problems with the stock decompression plug blowing out or is that a problem with the older bikes (02-04)? Is the replacement plug a must or do most of them stay in place? Is it possible for the engine to build up to much pressure with a replacement plug and damage the motor?
  10. Natedoggracer

    Graphic aplication

    Can you use windex to put graphics on or does anyone know the best way to put graphics on without messing them up?
  11. Natedoggracer

    Motor question 05 YZ25F

    On the Right side of the motor on the top end section I have a small hole with nothing in it. I don't think its threaded. I have no idea what its for or if it needs plugged. Does anyone now what I'm talking about or do you need a better description. I also read that the rubber plug that is on the front right side of the top end can get blown out or fall out leaving you with a nice place for dirt to fly into the motor. Does anyone have ideas on what to do to keep this plug from coming out or what causes it to fall out.
  12. Natedoggracer

    Oil ???

    Does the oil slowly drain out of the frame and into the motor when it sits for a few days on the 05?
  13. Natedoggracer

    Oil ???

    I have a new 05 that isnt broken in yet. The dealer didnt fill the oil up all the way (Im not sure why). Can I buy yamalube or whatever and just top it off or does it need to be the same brand / wt etc. By the way this is my first yamaha and 4stroke!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure I will have lots of other questions to come.
  14. Natedoggracer

    Stock sprockets size ?

    I just purchased a Brand new 05 YZ250F and it has a 48 tooth rear sprocket. Is this the stock size for an 05. I race hare scrambles and ride a lot on a big outdoor MX track so should I put a 49 or 50 on for more top end speed.
  15. Natedoggracer

    Front suspention

    I am going to be racing hare scrambles but I also ride a lot on MX tracks. So should I valve my suspension for wood or moto-x. I don't know what way would work the best for both. I ride a 05 YZ250F