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  1. Plenty of them down under.
  2. It's a shame to hear of your experience mate. I've gone cold on the idea of getting one of these after hearing your story. Hope things work out ok for you. Looking into the FE390 Husaberg now. Thanks for posting.
  3. Hi Elliott, Did you get the problems sorted? I'm thinking of buying the same bike & would like to know how things pan out for you. Please let me know. Cheers, John
  4. 256 lb, lbs = 116.119 646 72 kilogram
  5. Running a 12t sprocket will wear the front sprocket much quicker than a 13 tooth. I never noticed a increase in chain wear.
  6. The cap above the shifter that you refer to is your oil filler on your model.
  7. What are these install techniques you talk of yamaha227? Please share.
  8. It really is had to compare a WR to a 2T GG. I have a '07 EC300 & love it. I'm sure I ride my WR quicker, but I have more fun on the Gasser.
  9. I get about the same from the 290.
  10. 40 hr's isn't good. Was that the original? Did mine at 70 hours. I would sugest you change your timing chain also, if you haven't already. My original Athena kit stuffed up at about 38 hours. This was my fault as I re-used the original gudgeon pin circlips clips. The bore was scored pretty bad.
  11. Hi Muffinman, Top End won't be sacraficed as much as some say. More power everywhere. Being more powerful it pulls through the revs quicker. This allows it to pull taller gearing also. You will also find you will be able to lug the motor more on hill climbs & the technical snot. Jetting & gearing is all you will really need to sort. I have had a few dramas with the Cometic head gaskets. Have previously used the Athena one without a drama. Will be reverting back to the Athena gasket & see how that goes. Despite the drama's I've had the original Athena 290 kit I had fitted was great. Its only the second time around that I've had problems with the head gasket's (3rd one damn it) using the Magnum 290 kit. Cheers. ALSO DON'T RE-USE THE GUDGEON PIN (WRIST PIN) CIRCLIPS - make sure you use the ones supplied in the kit.
  12. Thanks for that info. I've been using the OE Base gasket also.
  13. Only the electric start models have a battery on the WR's. So 2003 onwards. Grab hold of a manual & find a wiring diagram. The wiring harness you are describing under the seat, sounds like it would only be for the rear tail/brake/licence plate & indicator lamps. Welcome aboard & good luck with your new bike.
  14. Ive gone through two of the cometic head gaskets so far with no luck, thanks anyway big_fat_&_slow.
  15. Hi Charlie, Does the OEM Yamaha head gasket work with the 290 kit? Mine is a 83mm bore JE kit, stock is 77mm. If you could please clarify. Thanks.