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  1. redbikerulz

    It seems i'm stupid - 2004 crf450 rebuild issues

    I was right . . . about being stupid. I installed the idle gear wrong way round. This means it had a bit of a shoulder sticking out that was hitting the back of the clutchbasket. Problem solved . . . .
  2. redbikerulz

    It seems i'm stupid - 2004 crf450 rebuild issues

    It locks up when in gear, meaning engine won't turn over. When it loosens up again, it seems fine and i battle to duplicate the problem. It has plenty power, runs through all the gears smoothly and makes no abnormal noises. I will investigate further. Thanks for the tips. Any more is most welcome.
  3. I was so impressed that my 2004 CRF450 started after a couple of kicks post rebuild. I replaced the crank, tranny bearings and rebuilt the top end. It goes like a rocket, no problem running through the gears, no funny sounds, but this . . . intermittently, after killing the engine, it is impossible to kickstart it. It feels like the kickstarter is locking up solid. The only remedy i've found is to put it in gear and rock fwd/back.It still feels locked solid rocking fwd/back, but usually loosens up rocking back. Even if i put it in neutral, still won't kick. After i rock the bike, it kicks, starts and runs full speed. I found on the first oil change after run-in, a very small amount of metal filings. Could a miss-aligned balancer be causing the problems? I'm planning to go full open heart surgery again this weekend, but wondered if someone could point me in the right direction. I don't have a Honda shop around for about 1000Km's . . . Thanks