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  1. skinner75

    Break in procedure on a new bike

    No, he's a clown peddling a 'snake-oil' type of theory, that gullible fools get suckered in by - the same types that see conspiracies everywhere, and are probably flat-earthers and/or Creationists. The same people that think this type of run-in procedure is good, also probably think Evans waterless coolant, Water Wetter, Lucas oil additives etc are good things
  2. skinner75

    Break in procedure on a new bike

    Pretty much all break in procedures I have seen in various manufacturers manuals specify not using more than 75% throttle for the first 1000km. The idiot that wrote the 'hard break in' procedure seems to think that 75% throttle is an 'easy' break in. No, an easy break in would be say, not more than 25% throttle for example. He also seems to think that there is a link between throttle position, and load on the piston rings. If the engine is ticking over at 1000rpm, the air/fuel mix is still being compressed to the given compression ratio for the engine - if you open up the throttle, the compression ratio of the engine doesn't change! The only truth he gives in his 'article' is the following (and even this needs a slight adjustment): "Q: What is the most common cause of engine problems ??? A: Failure to: Warm the engine up completely before running it hard !!!" I'd leave the answer at: Warm the engine up completely before running (riding). You probably think this guy is onto something too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BVnEBif7Xk
  3. skinner75

    Break in procedure on a new bike

    That guy is a complete moron - hasn't a clue what he is talking about. For anyone that thinks they know better than the manufacturer, who designed & built the engine you are about to mutilate, then off you go and destroy your bike - a redneck hillabilly obviously knows better than the teams of engineers who designed, built, and tested the whole bike. 'Grip it & rip it' - idiots...
  4. skinner75

    Pics of XR's

    Here's a pic of my 1996 XR250 Baja, shortly after I bought it:
  5. skinner75

    Exhausts for 1995 XR250

    Hi all, I have been looking at various exhausts for the XR250, and most appear to be for '96 models onwards. I have a '95 XR250 Baja, which has a sticker on the rear frame with 'XR250 III S' on it. So it is neither an 'R' or 'L' model. Looking at the mounting points on my exhaust however, they look identical to those on the various pipes I have been checking out (FMF being one). Does anyone know if the pipes that are listed as being for a '96 model onward, will actually fit a pre 96 bike? Are the mounting points different or is the diameter of the pipe different? I suppose I really just need to get to a dealer & see if he'll let me hold up a pipe to my bike to compare the positions of the mounting points. Would be nice if someone here had already done this & could confirm or deny it one way or the other. cheers from Dublin, Ireland Andy EDIT: Just having a look on bikepics.com, and I found that my bike looks similar to an XLR250, seen here: http://www.bikepics.com/honda/xlr250/93/pics.asp?i=702882&s=0 whereas my bike can be seen here: http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/991311/ My bike is electric start, with no kickstarter. It also has indicators fitted. There is no analog speedometer, instead the speed is displayed on the onboard trip computer (very similar to that fitted on an XRV750 Africa Twin, which I used to have).
  6. skinner75

    XR250 stock computer instructions

    I just bought a '95 XR250 Baja a couple of weeks ago. One problem I am having with the trip computer is that (nearly) every time I fire up the bike, the time function has reset itself. The odometer reading remains though, so the unit is still getting power (to retain the odo reading). I plan to take off the unit for an examination this weekend. I reckon that there may be a wristwatch type battery in the unit as a backup power source to retain the mileage. This may need replacing (if there is one in the unit at all). I am still trying to figure out if the only difference between the Baja model and the standard XR250 is the headlights, as I wouldn't mind changing the pipe on the bike to maybe a FMF pipe, and would like to know if the mounting points would match up.
  7. skinner75

    Reservior can?

    Ah, it's just cosmetic - I had to search to find this thread. See, I just bought a '95 Baja last weekend, and it has a can of Strongbow cider tie-wrapped around the resevoir. Didn't know what the story was with it!
  8. skinner75

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    Hey! Same as me! Just got my '95 Baja there last weekend. 72,500km on the clock when I got it. New tyres, chain & sprockets, plus new-ish wavy discs. I'm in Dublin, Ireland btw...