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  1. bigreddog

    KLX250s power question

    DRZ is a good road bike if geared correctly,I used one on the road for a while and trail rode it at weekends.Good bikes if a little heavy,invest in suspension mods rather than go faster stuff. I reckon KLX would be underpowered for road use.
  2. bigreddog

    crf250X to KLX250S

    klx would feel gutless and a letdown against the crf
  3. bigreddog

    Sex and my KLX

    A bike once tried to have sex with me by trying to insert its handlebar up my a*s as i crashed it...It was'nt nice.
  4. bigreddog

    Newbie which bike question

    I,d get that 450 if i was you...providing youve got the cash and they dont nose dive in value..you know new model unknown quantity etc..how is off roading in the UK these days i used to get shouted at by nazi,s every time i went out...I left and came to NZ where you can ride to the ends of the earth and no one cares!!!
  5. bigreddog

    KLX450R battery issues

    Battery tender supplies a real low trickle charge that keeps the battery nicely topped up..they are cheap and a great investment easy to fit and remove...any big estart thumper should have one.
  6. bigreddog

    klx300r or wr250?

    KLX is an excellent beginners bike...WR250 for the more committed...I have a KLX which i love as it is very forgiving and cheap!...Mate has a WR and he blows me into the weeds!!!!....your choice.
  7. bigreddog


    I want to do the free mods to my newly run in KLX 300 but before i do i want to find out if my bike is a CA model...I am in New Zealand and i know we do end up with some of them over here.What should i look for are there specific frame or engine no's or any easy tell tale signs?
  8. bigreddog

    Bark Busters

    stock bars bent in minor tumble... immediately replaced with TAG bars... run these with acerbis barkbusters.pics in my garage.
  9. bigreddog

    Excellent TT store service and delivery!

    great service to NZ too...got case covers very quickly and it was nice to get an email saying they would be delayed too...good work TT