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  1. hey i live in australia n im the local enduro champ on my rmz 250 08 for last year i run a 15/47 n i had a pro circuit exhust n web cams from the states n did a bit of work wit the jetting. i find it pulls awsome in sand n every other enduros i ride i weigh 68kg n i hav a 110 wide tire on the back n it works perfectly pulls over 140kms easy. when i do think this year i may only go 1 or 2 down on the back dont now let got to do sum testin
  2. what i was meant to say when i was riding along the gear just got stack wit out warning lol all good now ride on
  3. i hav the 08 rmz 250 n i did 7.7hours on it n the gears were stack it was stack in 3rd n couldnt get it out but the clutch was fine no problems wit that. i heard alot about the clutchers on them but once it happens n its fixed never happens again. i took the bike into the shop for warranty n got it n they said the problem for me was a bit of metal come from somewere n got stack in the gear selecter so it was fixed n had it bak wit in 24 hours.
  4. i just brought a 08 rmz 250 when they had the deal going i got a free pit tent wit it but it took ages 6 to 7 weeks i waited. nice tent but doesnt come wit pegs n the bag doesnt hav wheels, wasnt as happy but i hav 2 tents so it doesnt matter go the rmz
  5. i hav a 06 kxf 250 and the top end is port and polish and has a bills pipes on it and the whole motor has been work and and it puts out 45 horses at the rear wheel
  6. ok man i take u on man
  7. man i would go stainless steel valves my mate has them in his and rides ever weekend and has no worrys and its been 2 years now since there been in and i hav them in my race bike there alot better then stock
  8. hey i hav a honda xl 70. i hav a pit bike pipe on it from ebay and just wanted to now what i can do to it , to make it go harder. but not spend much i hav a 14/42 spockets on it and has a good top speed and i weigh about 65kgs so any thing that will help it go harder with out much work would be great cheers
  9. hey guys i got stainless steel valves in my bike and get them done every 30 hours and thats for a crf 250 05 model cheers
  10. hey has any1 out there got a 2005 crf 250 with white plastics and red rims. or with white plastics with black or gold rims. and do the 2005 crf 250 come out with a pump carbie