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  1. I will look into 426 radiators.HUMMM---MORE COOLING? WHY THE HELL NOT!! as far as the tank ---IMS black tank cuz black goes with everything. I really appreciate all the help and info. I will photo capture the entire process and i am going to powder coat the frame black.
  2. does anybody know what differences there are between the tank and plastics of a 99 yz400 and a 2000-2002 yz426. i want to do a hurricane conversion but was told by one industries that their kit for the 2000-2002 yz426 would not fit my 99 because the plastics are different. I appreciate any help. thanks:ride:
  3. I myself would love to do the hurricane conversion but I have a 99 yz400. I contacted one industries about their kit and was told the plastics are different . I dont give up easy so I checked to see if there is a difference between the tanks of my 99 and that of a 2000-2002 426 and they are the same. so if you guys might know just what is so different about them I can come up with a plan on how to pull this off. I have never liked blue yamahas. i guess I am old school and think that a yz should be yellow. my first was a 76 yz125 when i was 11 and i will soon be 41 and still love the yamadogs.
  4. Thanks for all the info. I have the cams on order at the local bike shop. should have them monday or tuesday.
  5. how hard is it to install an auto decomp cam in a 99 yz400f . do they really help?
  6. gapped a new ngk at .010 and it made no change
  7. I need help guys. I have a little chinese honda knock off that my 7 yo son rides. problem is when he puts it under a load in 2nd or 3rd it misses real bad. I put a spark plug in it and relaced the plug wire ( it had a burnt spot from the exhaust). could it be the cdi box or the coil or both? I ruled out the carb after i took it apart and cleaned it( was not even dirty inside but i ran some cleaner thru anyhow).
  8. We are actually limited to a couple of places to ride trails unless you know someone with a bunch of property
  9. Yea i think the guy thinks he is funny. my son just started riding and i dont want to push him you know. i think i will try some engine ice . thats what everybody has been telling me at the yamaha dealer.hey i bet you guys in new zealand have some awesome places to ride huh?
  10. I ride with my seven yo son and he does not ride that fast yet so thats not an option
  11. Does anyone know if its possible to put a cooling fan on a yz400f and if so what needs to be done.
  12. I just want to say thanks to all that gave advice on getting my yz400f up and running.I put a new plug in it this morning and this afternoon i hopped on it ,followed the starting instructions to the letter and it fired right up and I was feelin like a little kid again. This has to be bar none the baddest bike have ever ridden.I see me havin a lot of fun with this beast.Only bad thing,I broke the secondary throttle cable today but I can still ride so NOT SO BAD HUH
  13. thanks for the advice. i will try that tommorow
  14. Just got a 99 yz400f. The guy i bought it from had a hell of a time starting it but it eventually fired. The outside temp was in the low 50's. I tried to start it today without any positive results. What gives with this ? Is this normal? The guy i bought it from said they were hard to start in cold weather. Any help would be very cool.thanks