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    XT600 Help Please

    Hi chaps. The smoke is white but it only does it sometimes. It’s still running fine so I suppose ill have to wait until it does something more specific. It could just be water vapour. I have yet another problem now. I fell off it going down a big hill of rocks that was part of a trials venue and I have incurred some damage. I don’t know why I thought I could make it; I suppose I just got greedy. I have spent the last five days embedded in the sofa. The bike has a big dent in the front pipes, a bigger dent in the fuel tank, a badly bent foot peg and the bars and headlight no longer share the same orientation as the front wheel. So I have two questions. 1) Is it possible that the forks are just twisted and if so could I correct it by loosening off the bolts at the top and straightening the bars with the wheel gripped between my knees. 2) I am hearing a crack when I lift my left arm above shoulder height. I thought maybe it’s not getting enough oil but perhaps there is some component damage. I must say this bike is hard as nails. If I had dropped my gsxr onto the same surface it would have shattered into a million pieces. I even picked it up and rode around a bit more before the adrenaline started to wear off and I began to notice the pain.
  2. CaptainBalrog

    XT600 Help Please

    Hi again. The backfiring was caused by the headers being loose I think. The studs were a bit mangled and there was a bit of restorative work to do on the threads. Either that or it just fixed itself. So, I got the steering head bearings and did the job over last weekend. I couldn't find an mx stand that would take the weight of the xt so I covered a car jack with a chamois and jacked it up on the side stand with a cunning rope from the frame to the fence on the right hand side to stop it falling over. It was dodgy but it worked. My new problem is that it smokes like a chimney in the morning. It goes away as it warms up but it’s like having my own personal cloud for the first few minutes. Can anyone give me an idea why that might have started happening?
  3. CaptainBalrog

    XT600 Help Please

    D.T. It was running great and then over a couple of days it seemed to deteriorate very quickly. Do i need to lift the front end of the bike to check the head bearings? If so can you recommend a good way to lift it without a proper jack? I have a paddock stand for the gsxr but i don't think i can use it for the xt. Fetona Will check for cracks after work today. I thought i heard a faint whistling sound coming from the front so it could be a sign. Thanks for your responses chaps. I have something to go on now.
  4. CaptainBalrog

    Addicted To Gas reference in his speech

    Hi there. I have only just started dirt riding but i really like the idea of a hydrogen fueled electric motor. Dont know how much lighter they are but the idea of all that torque available at any speed is quite appealing. Not to mention the potential for programming your own power curve. Dont know if you have seen this but its worth checking out if you havent. http://www.envbike.com If they can do that i expect its only a matter of time. I also like the idea of a bike that is so clean you can drink the emissions. I think i read somewhere that they were trying to open communications with the Japanese manufacturers about a 100bhp version of that motor.
  5. Hi there. I bought a 1989 xt600 a couple of months ago. I have ridden sporty road bikes since I was 17 and this is my first off road style bike. I absolutely love the xt, I was told it was not a great off roader but I have done trails, beaches and dirt tracks all of which were most enjoyable. I hadn't ridden either of my road bikes since I got the xt until this past week where the xt started to back fire frantically when I shut the throttle, so bizarrely I’m back on the gsxr600 just to get some peace and quiet. The performance of the xt is not noticeably different; it might be slightly down on power at low revs. It had several holes in the endcan when I got it (It was very cheap) but it didn’t backfire then. Even so I went and got the holes welded up just to be sure but it made no difference. It’s also sounding quite harsh when I throttle it. It’s difficult to explain so im going to have to use onomatopoeic words here. Where it used to have a soft put put put it now goes dug dug dug. To put it another way it’s a lot more rarpey. I hope that’s understandable. The thing is that it had a new piston put in just before I got it so I don’t know if these things are just symptomatic of the piston wearing in. I was wondering if it’s getting too much gas now that the piston has loosened up or is this just the result of a really scuppered exhaust. I wonder this because the carbs were serviced and set after the new piston was put in and for the first 100 miles or so I had to turn the tick over down occasionally. The only other symptoms are that it has been quite smokey the past couple of times I have started it from cold and the engine pinged for a second or two when I started it yesterday. It’s not hard to start though, one or two kicks usually does it. I did more miles than I needed to on the new piston before I started gassing it so I’m fairly sure I haven’t damaged it during the run in process. The other issue is that I have noticed when pushing it out of the yard in the morning that there is sometimes a knocking sound when I turn the bars. Just every now and then but it sounds weird and my road bikes have never done that so I just thought I would ask. It sounds a bit like if you took a hefty spanner wrapped in a rag and lightly tapped the frame where the steering head bearings go (Is it called the steering head? Or is that too obvious.). Any advice on these issues would be much appreciated and apologies for rambling a bit.