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    Another conversion question

    Thanks for all the input guys, however the "too many projects to little time" issue is here for me. I'm going to post this in the classified section but wanted to start here. I have a 01 CR80 with a shot top end, no title but will provide a bill of sale. Bike is clean with two new tires & and overall good shape. I will provide the previos owners name & number if you want him to file for lost title, I never got around to doing it. In addition I have a 87 XR100 engine to go with the bike for a CR/XR conversion I was going to start. It had top end problems when I got it, which was irrelivent to me because I had planned to put the big bore kit in it. Engine will come with a spare head in good shape. The XR100 engine will need timing chain and upper and lower sprockets as the chain came off (at idle) and damaged the upper sproket. Before this the engine shifted thru all gears fine and ran good, included is carb and related electronics. I realize it is not a CDI engine but that is easily interchangable. My buddy fiddynights has some posts on this I believe. I'll take 750.00 for everything, any interested parties please PM me and I will answer any specific questions and or send pics. Bike is located in Washington state, North of Seattle. I will be out of town the week of 18-22 Feb but will try to check email as often as I can.......

    Another conversion question

    Thanks for the input guys & the reality check.... klxd, I think your right. I'm just trying to figure out the best option to go. I've aquired a 01 CR80 with a shot motor and a 87 XR100 which needs a little top end work. However I got the wife on my case for to many toys. I'd like to get rid of both bikes as a package. I just don't have the time or resources to complete the conversion. Does anyone have any recomendations i.e. Ebay or CL???

    Another conversion question

    Has anyone tried to use the new crf150r frame for a cr/xr conversion? I see that BBR has frames for sale and I'm wondering if the XR100 engine will bolt up to that eaiser than modding a CR frame? My thoughts are; crf150r frame mated to cr80 suspension and a XR engine????