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  1. redneck286

    2006 450X Starter Issues?

    I have an 05x,I live in the mountains its been cold,20 to 30f, the bike starts great .I never use the kicker.When the bike is cold it likes to start in neutral,but after that it will start in gear every time.I love the estart and will never go back.
  2. redneck286

    Lake Arrowhead

    Who wants to ride Saturday? The creeks are down and the weather is great.
  3. redneck286

    Lake Arrowhead

    Has anybody try crossing willowcreeck lately?
  4. redneck286

    Putting the 450X on the stand

    I grab the sub frame just under the air box door and use my leg to help lift
  5. redneck286

    Lake Arrowhead

    Im up to ride arrowhead or surrounding areas any time if any one is looking for another rider I know the trails prety well
  6. redneck286

    Cajon Pass

    Ill go on sunday
  7. redneck286

    Is Cleghorn open?

    cleghorn is open and i had a blast