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  1. Mike Worshum

    Smog Removal/2005 XR 650L

    IT was pretty self explaining since the hoses from the smog equipment went to these locations. When you pull a hose, replace it with a cap. As I mentioned I'll be up ( Wrightwood) installing a new triple clamp assembly, pro-taper bars and the Gig Gun this weekend and I can look closer. There's no performance gain per' say, but with the pig that they are, onces add up to lbs. I'm still working on the weight issue and maybe can report on that later. As already mentioned previously in this post, it's getting the jetting spot on and letting it breath that will help unleash the beast.
  2. Mike Worshum

    Smog Removal/2005 XR 650L

    Hi and welcome to the board. I have an 06' model and recently went through the smog removal process. It's pretty straight forward and bare with me as I'm going by memory and I keep the bike in Wrightwood so I can't go look at the moment for reference. I'll be up there this weekend installing the BRP triple clamps, Pro-Taper bars and the Big Gun exhaust so if you get stuck you can contact me via pm and I'll give you my number. Remove the smog pump, air evaporator canister and all related hoses. Route the crankcase hose to the bottom of the air box which will take some trimming but it will reach. You will need to use rubber block off caps in four locations on the carburetor. You can purchase the carb block off kit which will supply you with the metal plates you will need at the cyl. head or you can trace the pattern onto a piece of 3/16" steel plate and cut and drill the holes your self...your call. For the price of the smog removal kit (20 bucks) you can fab it yourself for about 10$ including going to the auto parts store to purchase the rubber caps. Since yours is a Ca. bike as mine, and probably runs as anemic as mine did, you will need to install the correct jetting to get it to perform. I don't know where you are in Ca. but I can give you my jetting specs that performs cleanly, bottom to top with the stock exhaust. With an aftermarket exhaust, plan to up one on the pilot and one on the main from what i've established. good luck....it's easy.
  3. Mike Worshum

    Has Any one had dealings with.....

    Since posting my experience on Tuesday last week nothing has happened (no surprise ) Today is the day I was promised my refund by 3pm. I've read through the rules and regs on the serving process and it seems pretty simple. I am prepared to file a claim if it goes that far which I don't think it will. While sitting on the door step with a sign saying owner a dirt bag sounds like fun I don't think that's the answer. I need to approach it as politicaly correct as possible or it could bite me later. When or if my $$ isn't handed over today I will simply walk out and drive directly to the court house and process my claim form without a hint of the fact that I'm doing so. I will pay for the summons delivery either by Marshal or Sheriff. I was patient with So. Bay Moto owners because a very good friend of mine shares shop space for his BMW buisness. Chuck Lunde of So. Bay Moto is the father and co owner with his son Dustin who is in charge of retail sales and suspension rebuilds. Chuck's a nice guy, and we have a lot in common growing up in the same era dirt racing. It's too bad his son is painting a black mark on the buisness and can not serve the consumer professionally. While on the phone with Dustin last week he made a coment how he was doing ME a favor for only charging me 30 bucks above his cost. I'd like to know how that plays into delivery time eh? no more favors please. If I get my $$ today, no harm done except wasted time waiting for my product. I will purchase it elswhere. I'm letting it known here on this board because there are a lot of dirt bike riders in and around this greater Los Angeles area who may be looking for services they offer. Look elsewhere or the possibilites of becoming another victim are highly probable.
  4. I've treated all of my bikes this way since I got into the sport in the early 70's. It's not about being anal or pride. It puts you into a state of mind being at one with your steed you must trust when your either 60 mi. into a desert race or whatever you use your bike for. If you don't dismantle your bike often, whether it be for cleaning or general maintenance you may never find that cracked weld that's been rusting up for months. When I was flat tracking the bikes came down to nothing but the motor in the frame after each race. When I got into desert racing it was the same and on into Road racing. Now I'm back into pleasure desert Enduro stuff again and the tradition moves on. Go ahead, let your friends call you anal or broke back or what ever, at least YOU will know your bike will get you through the day ( or event) with a grin on your face. And those who don't take of their bikes....well they obviously aren't commited to their investment or the sport.
  5. Call these guys http://www.brpit.com/ I just ordered a triple clamp set for my '06 XR650L and pro-taper bars to go along with it. All items where on the shelf. I didn't get rubber mounted, but I believe it's available.
  6. Mike Worshum

    Has Any one had dealings with.....

    All. Thanks for the responses, and I am prepared to file a claim. I actually got through to him on the phone today and said I was coming over at 3pm to pick up my cash. I could tell he was on his cell and not at the shop...ok fine. And not in the position to go to the bank and get my cash at the moment. He promised me an envelope on his desk by Tuesday and then I ask if I can trust his word this time. That's when he got defensive, but I reminded him I've been hearing excuses for two months and his customer relations is something that needs to be honed as well as his credibility. I reminded him to put himself as a consumer (me) "in my shoes" and how would you feel in my position. He says I don't need to hear this shit....I said I'd see him on tuesday and hung up. It gets better, I've done several "free" machining jobs and heliarc repair jobs for this company. I wasn't looking for a deal, just thought I'd toss buisness his way. That's where we're at at this point.
  7. Mike Worshum

    Has Any one had dealings with.....

    I was wondering if any one has had experience dealing with South Bay Moto in Torrance and how was that experience. I paid up front in cash for a Big Gun exhaust system 2 months ago. I kept getting the run around on lost orders, out of stock, waiting for call back from sales, and so on. The truth of the matter is, as I find out later, they are in financial jeapordy. I am now trying to get a refund and we'll see how that goes. I'm expecting to be out my 500 bucks. They are very nice guys at first and will promise the world but do not deliver. I've heard of other customers experiencing the same and wanted to see if any one here is in or has been in the same scenario with them.
  8. Mike Worshum

    IMS Tank Blues

    After reading this post I was a little apprehensive about an IMS tank for my 06L model. Thinking that this was an isolated event and the consensus was that most folks where pleased with Clarke and IMS. A few riding buddies have both and like them. I rolled the dice and bought the IMS and I must say I'm not impressed at all. At least it does fit well, but the finish is horrible. It looks like a third grade art project gone bad. Sure, I could spend hours disk sanding the mold joints but why should I have to. On the smooth? sides, there are bubbles...they sand out but again why would one go through the trouble. I tell myself, "well hell it's a dirt bike" which is all fine and good. But as of this post, I would not recommend an IMS tank. I plan to call them (as suggested) and e-mail them pictures before I start my messaging process. I just installed it last night and have not taken photos yet. I will post pics when I return from our mountain home on Tuesday.
  9. Mike Worshum

    XR650L How soon for mods?

    Good question What you need to ask your neighbor first is if he's worried about warranty and did he purchase an extended warranty. Because any modifications can void such warranty. If he's ok with simple jetting changes and smog removal to get it running correctly, then go with some simple mods to perk it up. I just purchased an 06' "L" model myself and have no intention of having the dealer doing service work. It had 2 mi. on it when I picked it up. I rode it around town and to work a few times and decided something had to be done quick. Hell...I had an old 73' Bultaco that good out run this thing. The first modification was to get it running right. I removed the smog equipment (10 lbs.), removed the air box snorkel, Removed the body work air panels, removed the passenger pegs and the sissy passenger grab leatherette, Uni filter, re-jetted the carb, (55 pilot-162 main-shimmed needle-Dyno-Jet spring) maintaining the stock exhaust. With those settings at 300' above sea level transformed the motor into a first and second gear front wheel off the ground acceleration. An aftermarket exhaust with a 96 Db silencer is on the way and I expect to adjust for that. I ditched the stock hand guards for Acerbis as well as an Acerbis tail light-license plate holder. Removed the mirrors in favor of fold down Acerbis units as well. Fresh dunlop real knobbies for grip installed tonight. So far the bike is running very clean and strong through out the power band. It was so bad when I rode it home I almost took it back thinking this can't be right....when it warmed up it ran ok but terribly anemic. The stock tank will be replaced by a Clark or an IMS...haven't decide which brand yet. All this with now only 40 mi. on the clock. So no time like the present to personalize his new friend. The break in period will happen in it's finer moments while changing gears and on and off throttle moments are happening while having fun in the dirt. When I get to the suspension stage, that will be another story, most likely going with WP or Ohlins forks and a shock replacement. I also plan on a diet program remaking parts and hardware from Ti and Al. good luck and have fun...it only takes careful planning and a little $$$
  10. Mike Worshum

    New guy, couple of questions.

    Eric, It sounds like your going in the right directions with your XRL. I'm still setting mine up too. However, no one has answered your suspension question eh' so I'll take a stab at it. There are several ways to go, If cost effective, toss 'em in the trash and install an after market fork and triple clamps. WP Suspension http://www.wpsuspension.com/ offers front and rear springs, cartridge fork internals that installs within your existing fork legs, or complete assemblies. The next best step is to remove them and ship them over to http://www.le-suspension.com/ Jim's been doing on and off road suspensions for years and has the experience to re-valve and spring them for your needs. The cheapest avenue with efficient results would be Progressive Suspension springs http://www.progressivesuspension.com/ and experiment with oil volumes and viscosity rates. There's more options such as Ohlins, Works performance but I gave you somewhere to start. Good luck and...it's only money...you'll always make more
  11. Mike Worshum

    XR650L Owners

    I guess I must be spoiled....I ride an 05' BMW GS1200 for my commuter pack mule bike and can take it on 500+mi day rides. Belive me, it's no dirt bike...maybe a fire road here and there but not a good technical bike. But that's not what I bought it for. I didn't spend 19K to throw it down in the dirt.And I have other bikes to ride on pavement so the XRL is not my first choice out of the gate. So enter the XRL to the stable to keep up at the mountain home to play in the dirt on the weekends. I've had it all over our local frwy's but I don't care for it much. The motor will definately spin all day at legal driving effortlessly. However, not with much comfort,No wind protection and the rain grooves tend to let it wonder. I'd say, try it and if it works for you and puts a grin on your face, then that's all that matters.
  12. Mike Worshum

    XR650L Stock jet Question

    Moongunner, I just finished doing this on my 06' "L" model and must dissagree that you CAN improve performance substantialy while retaining the stock pipe and quietness that your looking for. I do have a pipe on order and will make the changes needed to compansate for that. My 06' "L" model ran so poorly I almost turned around and took it back to the dealer. After it warmed up it wasn't bad but I still wasn't impressed with the way it ran. First I removed all the smog equipment and test rode it before moving on to the jetting. I removed the snorkel on top of the air box and test rode it again. It didn't like that much as it did run leaner as I expected. I then installed a 55 pilot, 162 main, shimmed the needle up and used the dyno-jet slide spring. I haven't reamed the slide holes....yet. It was an impressive improvement with enough "new" torque to launch the front wheel skyward under accelleration and again in second. The low rpm roll on test was also impressive with no flat spots or surging all the way into wide open throttle. Summary: My changes worked very well with the stock non modified pipe that is worth while doing. I will be installing the pipe when it arrives and I'll test ride it before making a jet change. I'm expecting that an increase to a 58-165 may be needed. At that time I will ream the slide holes and see how that performs. good luck,
  13. Mike Worshum

    XRL rear Tail Light

    Thanks for the options and pics gang. I've made a decision and placed my order for the Arcebis enduro tail light / plate holder.
  14. Mike Worshum

    XR 650R Carburetor

    Kirk, Tell em' thanks but no thanks....they or you can take it to any competent machinist and have it removed for a minimal fee. I can't even guess how many broken taps and bolts I've removed over the years. If they haven't fooled with it (hopefully) a machinist can indicate/locate the center of the screw on a milling machine and center drill it>drill it out>clean up the threads> and your good to go. The worst case is that it will need a helicoil inserted...no big deal. If no luck...mail it to me.
  15. Mike Worshum

    XRL rear Tail Light

    Phuzz, All good points and how right you are. I forgot about the XR being a running light only. There is a tailight on the 4strokes only site that looks interesting. I thought questioning others may be helpfull for my entended purpose. Being a commutor on two wheels, I am well versed in the doging of cell phone clad soccer moms. The purpose of this bike is to leave it at our mountain home and trail ride from there which is less than a 10 minute pavement ride. I considered getting the R but I need to have the option of being HWY legal.