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  1. Do you want to sell the billet cap you bought for the clarke? Let me know.
  2. I recently bought a friend's 2006 525 exc with a trick dual sport kit installed. I noticed that as he rode the bike ahead of me, the rear fender / tail light / license plate bounced up and down more than all other bikes - too much for me. I want to do something to fix this. Is there a better / lighter rear light assembly that would not cause the fender to flex like it does and bounce? Is there any rear rack I can mount that will stiffen up the rear fender by attaching it indirectly to the frame? thanks
  3. TexBB

    41mm FCR-MX Options

    A couple of questions. First, the TT FCR conversion kit for a DRZ400S is a 39 (I think). Why a 41 vs a 39? I have a stock DRZ S model with a Yosh exhaust, modified airbox, updated jetting on the CV carb and it runs really good. If I want to upgrade to a FCR, would I need a 39 or 41mm? I don't plan on modifying the motor. Second, I too would like to see a sticky or thread that tells which FCR's will work with the DRZ400S. I see so many on ebay, but hesitate not knowing if that particular FCR will fit / work.
  4. TexBB

    throttle tube replacement- tube only?

    thanks for part number, I'll be ordering one today.
  5. Getting ready for a Big Bend excursion and changed out a bent OEM handlebar yesterday, installed a Renthal bar, began to install grips and found the 'ol grip molded to the tube problem. Searched the threads to find how others dealt with it. I took the time and ground out about 98% of the rubber with a trusty dremel tool but got a bit careless and took off some grip tube up near the cable end. Now I can see the handlbar through the tube... I think I'll go ahead and get a new tube. The dealer says a replacement tube will have a grip molded on. I searched the microfiche and found that seems to be the case. Others listed puchasing a new replacement tube? Anyone with a part number or description of a new naked tube? thanks
  6. yes, very nice. thanks I'll order a blue one!
  7. My 2001 DRZ S is blue. I'm getting ready to order a Clarke plastic tank. For those that have replaced the OEM Suzuki metal blue tank with a Clarke, what color is best? Will the Clarke blue match the Suzuki blue? thanks
  8. TexBB

    yosh rs-3 header stuck to midpipe

    I had the same problem about 3 weeks ago. I was ready to cut them off and order new header and mid pipe. I had really screwed up and put Permatex high temp silicone to "seal" the gap thinking it might leak.... Stupid idea. Anyway, I heated the mid pipe (not the header) hoping to expand that section enough to help it slide off. I used a big screwdriver and rested it against the welded on "shield" nut hitting it toward the back. Repeated blows. I would twist and heat, hit and pound, heat and twist, etc. It went on for hours. finally got my son to pull from the back by attaching a tie down strap to the mid pipe somehow and repeated all the above described steps. It finally came apart and no damage! I was lucky, had hit it pretty hard. Keep at it, get a friend and don't give up.
  9. I got a seal that is leaking. I've never replaced a fork seal. The service manual shows you need a special tool for disassembly - "fork inner rod holder". Do you have to get this tool or is there a shortcut or easier way? The manual suggests replacement of the dust seal, oil seal, the outer tube antifriction metal, and inner tube antifriction metal. Does everyone stick to that bit of advice? Wondering if I should partially disassemble, drop them off at the dealer and have them remove the damper rod and do the seal / parts replacement? thanks
  10. I'm putting in some stiffer "race tech" springs tonight. I read the instructions and the install seems pretty straight forward. One question they ask that I'm not too clear on is whether or not the forks have "internal or external" top out springs? Anyone know the quick answer to that? thanks
  11. TexBB

    klx300 jetting help

    Would similar settings apply to the KLX 250S assuming same elevation conditions? I've got a full muzzys, air box opened up, uni filter, and the dynojet kit in hand. thanks
  12. A new cycle purchase, full muzzy exhaust on order, dynojet kit in hand, airbox opened up, uni filter on order, West Texas at 2800'. I do intend to do some riding at higher elevations (NM and Colo.) I know the dynojet kit will have recomendations, but was wondering if anyone out there has some "proven" specs for me to start with? thanks in advance:ride:
  13. TexBB

    Pipe for KLX 250?

    ordered a Muzzys today. Also getting the quiet insert. thanks
  14. What are the most popular full pipes for the KLX250? Got a new one today. I'll be looking around for airbox mods, jet kit, stiffer springs (forks / shock), etc. I bought a Yosh RS3 for my DRZ400 and love it. Wondering if the KLX crowd would recommend that pipe?