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  1. Snider

    RK head vs RB head for YZ250X

    How did you measure the squish on the RK head?... My RK head has the ridges all the way to the squish area..My RB is .047
  2. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    Wait.. to be fair.. i dont ride tracks.I ride cross country.. tracks are like you do your practice laps.. you pretty much know whats up..I get it .cross country is like you better have your bike right cause you are riding the not so certain and everything better be right or close . AND any time you want you can come ride with me ... And bring those white boots LOL
  3. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    Wow... where's the video of your polished skills? z
  4. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    White boots.. haha
  5. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    Oh I think I just got dooped by a guy who hauls ass...
  6. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    I'm 57 years old....I have corrected squish on my 2 stroke, i can jet my bike... what is your point... read my thingy on the bottom..
  7. Snider

    Rd designs head mods

    Why don't everybody just shut up and haul ass... RB does good work, there are many places that do good work .. if you want to put anodized bling on your bike that's cool too.. to each his own... learn how to haul ass first
  8. Snider

    2004 yz250 kyb sss

    Here's a really sano scotts tripple (04) I got off E bay for $30..
  9. Snider

    2004 yz250 kyb sss

    The SSS forks go right into 2004 YZ250 tripples.. I used 2004 tripples for my sss conversion
  10. Snider


    When I ran Amsoil Interceptor and 100 octane I got massive gray drops from the PV drain.. Lots of solvent in Amsoil which seemed to condensate in the drain tube. I switched to yamalube after I thought my top ends where getting soft too fast.. now with yamalube it has the usual black stuff coming out the vent.. see what color the oil is behind the PV plate before you panic.It's probably black there
  11. Mine sold for 875 on e bay with headlight,regulator,wiring,switches and batt tray ...
  12. Snider

    rosin core in bottom end

    I would get it out of there period...
  13. Snider

    Are the Piutes snowed in yet?

    Thanks... Looks like I'll be riding on the Jawbone side of Kelso valley.. Leave my dual sport at home..
  14. Snider

    Are the Piutes snowed in yet?

    Wondering if the Piutes are still ridable or if the snow has came.. planning a trip next week
  15. Snider


    02 YZ250 .. rebuilt a few times and upgraded often..