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  1. I hear this is the way to go.. 2 -6 volts in series.. Anybody done this? .... I need to get new batts and I'm thinking about going this way.. Deka and Trojan look like good ones.. Do they handle more amp draw or is it that they can be drained lower without damage?.. Any experience would be appreciated..
  2. Snider

    Building the fastest yz250

    Although I could never figure out the low rpm jetting . I put a RK tek head on my 250 last year and in the mid-top end , it was WAY faster than a squish corrected head I was running.BIG difference.. just couldn't figure out the low end jetting and I don't have much patience.. Maybe buy a cheap used head on E bay and send it into RK for a cut. It will be fast....
  3. I have a 14' Carson Rebel that I love... it's small and high enough to go where most toy haulers can't..Has the basics,heater, fridge,stove toilet , shower.. I added solar panels..It's pretty cool.. Oh BTW.. the reason the YZ is in the back of the pickup is I have a rather large quad (Bombardier Outlander XT) in the trailer..I could still squeeze the bike in there but I like access to the kitchen/bathroom when traveling. If I don't take the quad I can put my three bikes in there..
  4. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    Talk to Dsquared trials. She has a better one for Betas. Is that a business or a member... Link?
  5. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    I've secured a 2017 Beta EVO 200... I need a spark arrestor to ride in the BLM areas , Is the Spanishfly insert my only option?
  6. Time Left: 14 days and 3 hours

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    I have a RK TEK head I bought last year and tried out but couldn't figure out how to jet my bike to it so it has just sat in the box after I did a few jetting tries.. It did haul ass but I couldn't figure out the low RPM jetting . Seems not to be a issue for most people to dial in.. It has less than three hours total.. It is non anodized (Aluminum color).. super clean .. $210 ships it in the lower 48.. Once sold, I will report that it is. Thanks for looking


  7. Do they need a vin # at Blackbirds?
  8. I tried to join MRA today but the robot thingy would let me clear.. I'll try again tomorrow.. they have a nice map on their site
  9. Thanks!...I was at Johns Peak today!...Just drove my crv up to check it out..looks like fun.Not far from my house..So you think think ashland dmv is better than medford?
  10. Hi, I've moved to southern Oregon and I'm not sure if I have to buy the ATV pass for my plated dual sport bike to take it off road?.. Any info would be appreciated..
  11. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    What do you think of the 2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT 260 ?.... I see there might be one available with low hours.. Are they quiet?
  12. Snider

    Sss fork conversion help

    Yes the SSS brake line with your old caliper and master cylinder
  13. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    There's a new 2018 Gasgas contact 250 a few hours away for $1000 off list... Is that a good one? There's a Beta dealer much closer but they are unresponsive.. Used market is scarce and prices seem high..
  14. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    Oh crap!
  15. Snider

    Newbie maybe, looking for advice

    That's funny! thanks.. I've seen a few guys with trials bikes in their trucks around here .I might start up a talk with them..I'll say I live in an apartment with three pit bulls..