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  1. Russ MGR

    Jetting - Pro Circuit pipe

    you should use a 172 main. I have had my Kawa's set up on a dyno and this is just slightly rich. You will gain some power by having the correct jetting
  2. Russ MGR

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Does my Kawa look any good in my garage?
  3. Russ MGR

    Showa Works suspension 05 to 06?

    Hello, I had the same problem with my Ohlins suspension. It was different , but it was quite easy to fit. The forks 1) press the new stem in to your 05 clamps 2) you will need to have your lower clamp machined on the lock stops to the same clearance as the 06 clamp 3) the fork bottoms / brake should be no problem. Try it and let us know. The shock is totally different
  4. Russ MGR

    what problems have people had with there 06 kx250f?

    I have had oil blowing out of the breather pipe. Turns out its a valve that is not seated perfect and is creating pressure in the cases. Happened to my mate 2. Also the ears breaking off the cam chain stop. But apart from this wear and tear the bike proper rips and will most probably be buying an 07.
  5. Russ MGR

    valves need help

    You will need to change the valves and also look at getting the seats recut as the new valves will not last long
  6. Russ MGR

    popin when comin down the revs

    Its most probably the exhaust sucking air in . You 'll most probably need to replace the copper washer where the header pipe sits into the head
  7. Russ MGR

    who loves their bike

    I've had an 04, 05, and 06 without any major problems, sometimes i think bike blow cause of bad maintenance and sometimes faulty parts
  8. Russ MGR

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    I dare to think, maybe $21,000 and theres more to come
  9. Russ MGR

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    The standard Showa is not bad, Its just the Ohlins has much more tuneability, its easier to ride faster , takes big hits and low speed bumps in its stride. I'm in the process of fitting a steering damper so I will see how good they are
  10. Russ MGR

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    glad you like it
  11. Russ MGR

    Pro Circuit piston

    I will fit the piston with P/C valve springs then once run in ,then re-dyno it to see if there is any power gain
  12. Russ MGR

    post sum pics boys lets see em!

    Have a look in my garage
  13. Russ MGR


    I used an Icat on my 05 250F . It seemed to make the power slightly smoother but broke down twice so I now dont bother
  14. Russ MGR

    Pro Circuit piston

    Hello, As anyone fitted the Pro Circuit piston to there 06 yet?. I bought one last week with valve springs , but wanted to know the results Any dyno figures