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  1. johnnyracecar

    MXC 13 Litre Tank

    I sent you a PM.
  2. johnnyracecar

    Dyno Jet Kit

    Well I passed on the used bike I was looking at, it looked like it would become a headache, and bought an 06 525EXC. I'll pick it up in a couple of weeks when I get home from work but I want to have a few things ready at the dealership when I get there. My dealer has Dynojet kits not the JD kits, does anyone have any exp with them? TIA John
  3. johnnyracecar

    01 520 top end upgrade

    Hi all, newbie here this is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and think I have found a bike I like. It's an '01 520EXC with a bunch of extras and the price is right. Now for my question, it seems to me I read some time ago that there was an upgrade to the cam or a thrust washer, or cam gear or something that should be done to the older engines. I can't seem to find where I read it. Can anyone point me in the direction, I would like to do it as soon as I get the bike before I even hit the trail. Thanks in advance. John