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  1. Finnegan

    Tired Of Back Flips On X Games

    I agree with both your points. If you would have told twitch 5 years ago that he needs to fix his teeth he would have told you to F-off. Now he's worried about his appearance? Whats next getting some tats removed? They are just putting on a hard act so everyone thinks they are bad ass or something. Too bad the " Goodie Goodie " Travis whips all thier asses.
  2. Finnegan

    Tired Of Back Flips On X Games

    I could'nt agree more. Backflips are played out. Im not hatin.. they are sick, but they just are getting real old. backflip....backflip one hander...whats next... backflip no hander wow....ohhh whats next....backflip no footer and so on. I still like a sick whip, or sick super nac, or combos of tricks.