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  1. www.xgxracing.com
  2. What issues? The 393-00 rocks! I don't even see the point of getting the 330x2.
  3. Yes, 393-00 cam, Wiseco 143 piston, and stock springs, proven to work. Not sure about the big valves.
  4. I think he is getting rid of the 330x2 to get the 393-00. Just a hunch.
  5. 143 big bore, ported head, BBR carb, K&N, Pro Circuit exhaust, Megacycles 393-00 cam, many 1" holes in air box. I ice race this bike, so my setup is most likely not ideal for you. I would say cam choice depends on how you plan to use the bike. I think to get the most out of the 393-00 cam you need the big bore and the higher compression. Remember, I'm just a fat drunk guy on a mini bike!
  6. Looks like we are getting closer! Zomby really helped me out with my cam choice, with out him I would have never went with the 393-00. Megacycle even told me they would not do it for me but I insisted! Megacyclecams.com catalog says that the 230 cam is Int. .324" 235 Deg. Exh. .390" 237 Deg. But it also says the 330-x2 is .252" Exh. when it is really .352". So you decide. The 393-00 does not even really seem worth doing if the stock #'s are correct for the 230. In any case the 393-00 works with stock springs and makes a HUGE difference over Hotcams. Thanks Zomby.
  7. Damn!
  8. Not real sure about the Thailand thing. Have you ordered from them before?
  9. Wow! Looks like some choices in compression. Any idea what what those domes and deck heights will run for a compression ratio with the DRZ125 head. I have an extra cylinder and would be willing to try the 166.
  10. Quick work locating the sleeve, do you have a part# for it? What about the piston? Good point on the stock 230 cam, IMO a far better choice than hotcam.
  11. Seems like the only thing left to do is call Northwest Sleeve! Let me know how you make out with your 190, I would guess with the 190 pumping more air you can't go wrong with the extra lift of the 393-00.
  12. There is a link on the EO website to Northwest Sleeve, but no link to a piston company. Does EO really expect us to buy a whole kit just to rebuild. When I talked to the they said they sell stuff separately for some bikes but not for the DRZ125 that was when I hung up the phone. What Cam did you get with the 190 kit?
  13. I wanted to get the 190 kit but they will only sell the whole kit cam and all. I only need the piston and sleeve, I would guess someone makes those for them just have to find out who. What if you wear the thing out obviously you can't just bore it and put in an oversize piston. You need to buy a whole new kit just to rebuild?
  14. BBR carb and big bore kit.
  15. Revs much higher, and more power every where except just off idle. It now wants to either spin the tire or lift the front wheel.