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  1. wrdennis

    knoxville tn.

    welcome to the "area", I'm a so cal import as well. Seems you have to really sniff out area's. nothing like the mojave around these parts.
  2. wrdennis

    Why doesn't RC like Unadilla?

    do you live in a cave or is it that you just don't follow the sport?
  3. wrdennis

    Villipoto VERY Cocky!

    He needs to be docked points and fined for the addmitted take out move in the second moto at BC on Mikey. AMA doing it's job again....nothing!
  4. wrdennis

    2 Wheel Tuesday Cancelled

    I wish Gary Bailey would start a reality show on Speed...
  5. wrdennis

    riding in AL.

    do you know of any single track area's that would be good for hare scrambles/enduro practice near Mobile?
  6. wrdennis

    riding in AL.

    Good ? I just moved here from Cali and can't find any open area's near Mobile to ride. R there any options other than moto or driving beyond 300mi?
  7. wrdennis

    Ping is a riot...

    Yep, if you listen to Ping his delivery is very close to what Bailey was. I think he must have studied his style. Waaaay better than that idiot Denny. Denny is an insult to the sport. They do need to improve on the play by play guy but Ping is doing a great job. Maybe they should bring back Larry Hoffman!
  8. wrdennis

    Knee Braces

    Does anyone know of a knee brace shoot-out in any of the mags? I'm looking at the Astreisk, 6-6-1, EVS and also CTI is coming out with an over the counter unit. I used to have CTI but they got beat up and need to update with new equipment.
  9. wrdennis

    Who's the dirtiest?

    Langston, hands down - followed by any other Pro Circut rider that MP gives the take-out orders to. Next in line is all the Frenchies with the exception of Tortelli.
  10. wrdennis

    RC's BIke

    I think it must have been something that was over looked after the initial first crash inspection. Very strange for this piece to break under normal conditions. The bike impacted very hard when it flipped in the whoops.
  11. wrdennis

    Post pics of your CR's

    I see that you are a senior MX rider in GA? I'm just getting back into racing MX. Moved from CA to AL and not much Dez racing around so I'm going back to my moto-roots. Is there any senior only clubs in the south like the oldtimers club or any groups that cater to seniors? I see that most of the local races run only 35+ classes. Nothing for the 40/50 something divisions. Thanks in advance for any help you could bring me.
  12. wrdennis

    01 CR250 questions

    Thanks Skoot, New to the site so I'm feeling my way around. U R in Bakersfield? Have plenty of relatives up in Porterville. Did some racing up that way in the 70s. Just moved to Mobile, Alabama. What a difference from SoCal!
  13. wrdennis

    2001 250 oversized tank ??'s

    Don't know if anyone saw my question on the general board but I just bought an '01 cr 250. Any watch-out's such as jetting problems or anything else that any of you could have experienced with your CRs? I'm 185 vet moto exp. How do you feel the stock suspension settings are? I want to go to ground zero with the front/rear and then work things out for my ability and conditions. Do any of you have what the stock netural factory settings were and any suggestions on where they should be for my ability/weight? Dirt Rider stated that the front was set for a 170lb rider and the rear for a 185 rider but didn't state ability level. I'm so confused...
  14. wrdennis

    '01 CR250 Set-Up

    Thanks for the info Scott. I haven't ridden the bike yet but read some threads where some guys were stating they were having jetting problems. I'm a 185lb vet mxer, expert level. How do you feel the stock suspension settings will be for me? I head that stock the bike was set for the pro type level rider. Can't wait to kick some butt on my old klunker!
  15. Just picked up a low, low hrs '01 CR 250 and wondering if anyone out there can suggest any jetting/suspension set-ups that I can begin with? Any watch out's with this bike? I did some research and it sound's like I got a winner. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreicated