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  1. murvfy

    Wheel issue

    thanx bud...the forks were twisted, thanx for the advice
  2. murvfy

    Wheel issue

    Now that I have everbody's attention. My wheel looks like it is off to the right. My bars are alright, clamps look ok and are seated. But when I look at the bike head on the wheel looks off to the right. What else can I try...be nice.
  3. murvfy

    sift lever

    thanx for all the witty replies......I must have hit my head too hard during the wipeout....I was trying to use a socket, when a closed head wrench will work fine
  4. murvfy

    sift lever

    Hey my gear shift lever is bent. Best way to get it off with the least amount of work. Do I have to to take the chain and sprocket off.
  5. murvfy

    TwinAir - not sealed as the original

    I agree both the twin air and the uni filter dont seat nicely. And get this the uni filter doesnt line up like it is supposed to. I am going back to oem as well. Thanks
  6. murvfy


    I have a CRF 450R 2005, I have just started racing and I have almost missed a few starts cuz of difficulty starting. I have been on the bike about a dozen times. When do you guys change the plug on these bikes as I have heard different views. Some say that it should last you a season, or is it more my technique even though I try to use the principal of TDC.
  7. murvfy

    Uni Filter

    Has anybody else realized that the tab or arrow on the filter and the arrow on the boot will not allign if the air filter is properly seated on the CRF 450R-2005. If you doubt me take off the air filter and just try seating the air filter stock frame on the boot or seat flange. Anybody else noticed this.
  8. murvfy

    Stewart needs to be punched

    Simply racing gents...lets push everything else aside. Stewart was rushed and because of that he made mistakes, and as we all saw that wasnt the only one he made. Block passes are a part of a racing even though I dont always agree with them. Look at Reed and Tedesco, except it didnt end in a crash but certainly could have if you watched Reed's line into that korner. But as far Stewart, I think he was just panicked and was not thinking it through. I am sure when he looked back on the tape, cuz u know they do-he prolly thought that it would have been better to wait till the straight to pass JC. He's talented gotta give him that...and as long as he stays on top of the bike and off the ground he is going to clean the series.
  9. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    Obviously hit a button there....if the bike was perfect then it would be easier to change the air filter. Looking for some advice not a mechanic Mike, just some advice, that's the purpose of these forums. If we were all master mechanics/riders we wouldnt have these forums. Cuz I am guessing you were born with all that brilliant knowledge. So much so, you didnt know that the filter cover can go on either way. I have no problem doing oil changes...my ? was about the oil filter cover thats it capiche
  10. murvfy

    Does anyone else agree with me?

    I agree with you as well, but I cant get over the difference and I like that as soon as I crack the throttle its all there...on the 450f
  11. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    Thanx for the reply, nice to see someone has caught onto my question. Glad to know it doesn't make a difference. I will remember to hit you up next time I need a question answered.
  12. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    And I was talking about the air filter and not the oil filter. Cuz it is a to seat. That's why twin air has suggested changing the seat, filter and mount.
  13. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    Thanks for your unsolicited advice Mike, but if you could just stick to the questions.
  14. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    Actually the cover with the aligning holes can go on either way, and I caught the bold print on the oil filter thanx saying this side out. And as far as the filter goes, I was looking for an easier setup, since it is alot harder to seat it compared to my CR.
  15. murvfy

    oil change on CRF450R-2005

    I do but doesnt say about making sure which way it goes back in, I matched it to the picture...but just looking for a sound answer. And getting back to the filter do you need that screen. Just reading in Eric Gorr's maintenance book, and it advocates removing the metal screen. Vince CRF 450R 2005 CR 250R 2000