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  1. Yamaha

    Any suggestions for bigger tire size? I believe he is running 22x10x9 right now.
  2. Yamaha

    A friend of mine is looking for a new set of tires for his Warrior. He is looking to gain some clearance under his bash plate which takes quite a beating on New England trails. I can't remember off the top of my head what tire/rim combo he is currently running though it is the stock set up. He is also willing to change rim size if need be. This is for spirited New England trail riding (rocks roots mud) thanks
  3. I just thought I'd let you all know that I did buy it. recent bearings, no leaks, starts first kick great condition. thanks again
  4. thanks guys. I appreciate the help
  5. I'm going to look at a 2001 200 exc and was wondering if there are any high wear items i should check on. also it has never had a rebuild of any sort, is it that to long? Owner says only ridden like 10 x a year. I'm new to the 2t thing, thanks for the help.
  6. just wondering what to look out for on a '01 wr360. New to the 2t thing. HOw about buying a bike site unseen, from reputable dealer? TIA mike