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  1. jcsjr

    Sponsorship levels?

    apparently he didn't or he would know your not supposed to discuss contract terms
  2. jcsjr

    Bike financing question

    New bikes are not maintence free. If you can't afford to fix your old bike, you can't afford a new one with payments and repairs.
  3. Where in MI will you be racing? I know Red Bud, Dutch, Log Road, Gratten, and some others have a vet sport class that is for 30+ beginners.
  4. Exactly right. And last I knew Honda didn't make oil they just put their name on someone elses. For all we know it might be rotella.
  5. jcsjr

    What does your insurance carrier have to say?

    I have blue cross and they have been really good about paying. In december Dr mark fixed my clavicle,that I broke racing, I had no problem getting that covered. In may I broke my femur during a race, ambulance ride, 4 days in trauma unit and no problems with blue cross. Aflac on the otherhand won't pay if your racing, I told them it was practice.
  6. jcsjr

    Broken femur, knee pain

    My rod was placed thru the hip. I just wonder if I started full weight bearing a little to soon. My symptoms seem like tendonitis of the quad and or pattella tendons. The pain is behind my kneecap a little above and a little below it.
  7. I broke my femur 7 weeks ago. It was repaired with a rod and screws. 2 weeks ago the Doc said I could walk on it while still using my crutchs then after 2 weeks lose the crutchs. Now I'm using a cane and I do ok with it but my knee has been really sore for the last week. I had my acl replaced 3 years ago [same side pattella tendon] the Doc said that all looked good still and once my muscles got stronger the knee pain should go away. Throughout this whole thing my knee is the only thing that has had any pain. Is it normal for a broken femur to cause alot of knee pain or do I maybe have something else going on?
  8. jcsjr

    Barcia clearing Larocco's Leap

    There are a handfull of local guys that clear it pretty regular, but they're on 450's. I've never seen a local do it on a 250 4 stroke.
  9. jcsjr

    Class C Driving Tips

    Beware of the coach overhang behind the rear tires. You don't want to turn to sharp with something beside you on the side your turning away from that overhang swings way out. Like if your at a gas station and the pumps are on your left and your turning right make sure you pay atention to your left rear against the pumps.
  10. jcsjr

    Torn acl and what i should do???

    Do some research, you don't want the hamstring graft.
  11. That sounds like a really good deal to me. The 450 already lists for over $1000 more plus its a year newer plus I think the 08's that were left at the dealers have 09 engines in them. I think the 450 is easier to ride than a 125, no crazy powerband to get used to.
  12. jcsjr

    05-08 plastic question

    I think the hole is to far off to make it work. Why not buy the kit and find a side panel for the 06. I'm sure you can make the backgrounds that come with the kit work. I have that kit on my 07 I really like it, but keep in mind the red is not really red its kind of a cross between orange and flourescent pink.
  13. jcsjr

    new packing for muffler

    Go to fmfracing.com they have a video to show you how to do it. Without having the core out I don't think your going to get the packing in properly.
  14. jcsjr

    clutch basket removal

    Yes the right side cover needs to come off. The basket won't come out thru the clutch cover.
  15. jcsjr

    Rim anodizing

    I had TCR do an excel front rim for me and I was not impressed. By the time I paid shipping there and back I could have bought a new rim. It has held up pretty well but it has some light spots.