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  1. Ok for everyone thatdoesnot know. There are two rev limiters. The first one is the most obvious one at the throttle. The second one is a little harder to find but really easy to remove. It's located on the CDI box under the seat. After removing the seat pull the CDI box and look where the main plug is. Right below that you will see two terminal with a jumper on it. Remove the jumper and you are set. Hope that helps anyone else looking for the answer.
  2. Thanks bro!
  3. Sorry I lost my manual and was wondering if anyone knew how much oil I need to put in my '08 KX450F. If anyone could hook me up with a manual that would be great too. Thanks, Eric
  4. If it's real.........that's a pretty sick pic.
  5. Thanks I'll send him a PM
  6. I need some parts for my sons bike. If there are any dealers on here or if anyone knows where I can get them without being ripped off please LMK. Thanks, -Eric-
  7. If I did a trade it would have to be both. I can't run a 10 rear and a 14 front.
  8. The only reason I want smaller wheels is to make the seat hieght a little shorter for my son.
  9. I have a set of red ones. I have a 12" rear and a 14" front. I'm looking for a 10/12 set up.
  10. I look all over and even took off the seat and tank but still could not find it. Thumperjuper - That is the exact thing I am dreading.
  11. I'd like to know also. I found the VIN# on the quad but I can't find the vin # on the bike. Where are they usually located?
  12. Yes, that's what I have but one of them is blank. Is it ok to fill it out myself?
  13. Thanks for the info But I already paid the sales tax when I purchased the bikes. Would I have to do it again? I have one MSO with a ID # on but the other one is blank. Do I just fill that one out myself?
  14. Ok I just bought my two boys their first bikes ever. I bought one 125cc (VX125R) pit bike and a 90cc ATV (ATV-90). They are both made buy Roketa. Anyways I am taking a trip down to San Felipe and I hear they haggle you about paper work on the bikes and such. I've also heard they may even jack you or take them away if you don't have the right paper work (registration). They really didn't come with any kind of offical paper work either. So my questions are: How do you register these things? Where would you ususally find the VIN # on each, ATV? pit bike? How much does it cost? Is it even worth it? What do I need to register them? Should I even take them to Mexico? I'd hate to have my boys not have anything to ride but I don't want them stolen either. Should I just take them how they are and not worry about anything? Thanks in advance, -Eric-